Michigan motor vehicle power of attorney

A Michigan motor vehicle power of attorney (Form TR-128) is a legal instrument that allows a vehicle owner to delegate a limited POA to another person (the attorney-in-fact). Because the attorney-in-fact can only fulfill the duties authorized by the principal, it offers "limited" power. The attorney-in-fact must compensate the owner if debts arise as a result of incorrect decisions. The owner can sue the attorney-in-fact in certain circumstances. To protect oneself, the owner should select an attorney they are familiar with and trust.

Michigan motor vehicle power of attorney

Michigan motor vehicle power of attorney

If the attorney-in-fact and the owner divorce (only if the attorney-in-fact is the owner's spouse), the motor vehicle's power of attorney dissolves immediately. Otherwise, the attorney-in-fact retains power until the responsibilities are completed.

If the owner wants to make changes to the document, they must start over and fill out a new form, canceling the old one. Assigning a new attorney-in-fact, amending car information, or establishing a new dwelling address are all examples of changes. If the principal no longer requires the services of another person, they can complete a revocation power of attorney, which will end the original POA as well as any copies.

Owners of watercraft and mobile homes are also served by the document. The attorney-in-fact must preserve a photocopy of the owner's driver's license or photo identity card in addition to the signed motor vehicle power of attorney.

How to Fill This Form

Step 1 - Get the PDF file

Click one of the buttons (PDF or Word) on this page to view the form where a Principal vehicle owner may delegate their authority to an agent. Ensure you have all of the necessary information on the vehicle, the principal, and the representative who will be given power of attorney on hand.

In place of downloading the form, you can use our power of attorney creator to make a compliant motor vehicle power of attorney in just a few moments. Click on the generate button to get started.

Step 2 - Appointing an agent

On the blank line labeled "Agent's Name," write the designated agent's full name.

Then, on the blank line headed "Agent's Address," write out the designated agent's full home address.

On the blank line labeled "Agent's Driver License Number Or ID Number," the appointed representative must enter the driver's license or ID card number.

Step 3 - Identification of the vehicle in question 

The vehicle/vessel under the primary power provided to the representative indicated above will be determined in the following table.

Fill in the corresponding designated areas on the first cell with the following

  • Vehicle's year 

  • Vehicle Identification Number.

  • The model/make of the vehicle and (if relevant) 

  • The license plate number of the vehicle 

Step 4: The Principal’s information 

The Vehicle Owner is the Grantor, and he or she has the authority to assign a representative legal right over the above-mentioned Vehicle. To document the Vehicle Owner's details, use the method below the sentence in bold letters " Mobile homeowner data, watercraft or vehicle"

Go to the Main Vehicle. Name of the owner in the "Owner's Name" field

The "street address of the owner and City" must be entered in the second row. This has to be the same street address and city as the vehicle’s official records.

The Principal residential "district" and "Zip Code" are to be stated in the two boxes that appear first in this row. The principal "Phone Number" must be entered in the last box in this row.

Finally, the principal’s ID card number or driver's license must be entered in the initial box, and the recent date must be entered in the cell tagged "Today's Date" in the last row of this table.

The vehicle owner must endorse this document by signing their name on the blank space labeled "Owner's Signature" at the last part of the page.

Download our free Mchigan motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Mchigan motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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