Maryland Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

A Maryland real estate power of attorney is a form that allows an individual (referred to as the principal) to designate someone else (referred to as the real estate attorney/agent) to make real estate decisions on their behalf. In the circumstances that the first attorney is unavailable or not able to serve, the principal can identify a substitute attorney in this form. The signatures have to be eyewitnessed by a notary. This form is subject to revocation at any time based on the conditions the principal stipulates.

Maryland Real Estate Power of Attorney Form

Maryland Real Estate Power of Attorney Form


Statutes – Maryland General and Limited Power of Attorney Act (§§ 17-101 — 17-203)

Signature Prerequisites (MD Code, Real Property, § 4-107; MD Code, Estates and Trusts, § 17-110) – Two Eyewitnesses and Notary Public.

How to draft a Maryland real estate power of attorney form

Step 1 – Directives for Completion –

You can download the form from this page by clicking the download button. You can also use our power of attorney maker to create a custom real estate power of attorney. Click the generate button to get started. 

If you download, read the following instructions to fill it properly.

Step 2 – Attorney’s Obligations –

  • The Attorney has to read all of the details regarding the obligations to the principal 

  • Enter the principal’s signature 

  • Enter the Attorney’s signature

Step 3 – Expiration of Attorney’s Power

The attorney has to read this paragraph to learn the circumstances in which an Attorney would stop serving the principal in this capacity.

Step 4 – Attorney’s Responsibility – 

This paragraph has to be studied by the Attorney to become informed of the implications of breaking the law while serving as an Attorney for a principal.

Step 5 – Delegation of Attorney –

  • The principal has to fill out their name

  • Supply the name of the Attorney 

  • Fill out the Attorney’s Location

  • Fill out the Attorney’s Mobile number

  • Fill out the particular real estate for which the Attorney will serve the principal

  • Fill out the principal’s name

  • The principal has to read paragraphs (1 through 9)

Step 6 – Subjects and Power – Real Property –

  • Each authority has to be conscientiously reviewed by the principal, who must then signature the space before each authority they wish to assign to their Attorney.

Step 7 – Study the following:

  • Restrictions on Attorney’s Power 

  • Effective Date

Step 8 – signatures and Acknowledgement –

  • Fill in the principal’s signature 

  • Date the signature 

  • Supply the principal’s postal address

  • Provide the principal’s Mobile Number

  • The Notary has to witness the principal’s signature and complete this paragraph and attach the state seal

Step 9 – Witness validation –

  • Supply the principal’s Name

  • Read the declaration beneath the signature 

First Witness –

  • The first witness needs to sign

  • Print the name of the first witness 

  • Fill in the postal address of the first Witness 

  • Supply the mobile number for the first Witness 


  • signature of the second Witness 

  • Printed name for the second Witness 

  • Postal address for the second Witness 

  • Provide the mobile number for the second Witness 

If the principal wants to include an alternate Attorney, provide the secondary attorney’s details in the lower part of the form.

Download our free Maryland real estate power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Maryland real estate power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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