Kentucky Motor Vehicle Power Of Attorney

The Kentucky motor vehicle power of attorney (Form TC96-336) is a document that allows the owner(s) of a vehicle to appoint another person (the "attorney-in-fact" or agent) to represent them in vehicle-related transactions. They may be tasked with transferring ownership, selling, and disclosing the mileage of the aforementioned vehicle. This means the chosen individual, known as the 'agent,' will be legally permitted to sell the vehicle at any price that benefits the principal. As a result, it's critical to work with a reputable agent. 

Kentucky motor vehicle power of attorney

Kentucky Motor Vehicle Power Of Attorney

This form, along with the title and registration application, should be submitted to the county clerk. Taking care of your affairs, even if you are unable to do so, is made easy with this document 

Signing Requirements – The vehicle owner(s) must sign and a notary public must certify the document.

Note: It is a restricted POA - its powers are limited to what is specified on the form. 

How To Fill This Form

Step 1 - Working with the proper file

At the bottom of the page, you can access the PDF file for this document. Download the file and print copies. Fill up the required data on the screen using the appropriate program. Conversely, you can create and customize your form using our document creator which is accessible on this page by clicking the generate button. Once you've properly answered the questions, you will have a quality Kentucky motor vehicle power of attorney form.

Step 2 - Present the Vehicle owner and Representative 

An expected declaration must be included in this document to present the principal and agent.

The first declaration in this form will only be significant if you enter data that applies to the situation. 

To start, the formal name of the main automobile owner handing out this document must appear first in the space after the words "This Document Presents that...". This is as long as the lawful name is displayed correctly be it an individual or corporate body.

Furthermore, the next cell in this statement requires the primary care owner's mailing address to be entered.

The agent's full name must now be entered in the space provided for it (where it is stated "...grants to"). This individual will be able to render judgments about the principal's automobile just like the principal. The principal's agent's mailing address must be reported. Fill in the vacant slot that comes between the words "...with a mailing address of" and "Agent" which is the last on the paragraph.

Step 3 - A clear identification of the said vehicle 

The principal automobile owner's vehicle must also be properly documented for the agent to act with primary power. The style, model, year, VIN, odometer and make are some of the headings in the table below the first paragraph. Enter the following heading with a piece of authentic information.

Step 4 - Every detail of the vehicle owner must be shown

Under the Vehicle Information table, there are two distinct areas. One of these statements needs to be addressed. If an individual owns this vehicle, the following should be entered;

  • The principal's date of birth 

  • The Social Security Number in the blank spaces beneath the underlined term "Individual's Name."

If the owner is a corporate entity, enter the principal car owner’s “Federal ID/EIN Number” in the space provided for it underneath the underlined words “Company’s Name.”

Step 5 - Notarization

The cell tagged “the principal’s signature” must be signed by the car owner. The principal vehicle owner must then date when the form was signed. The area below this, “notary acknowledgment” obliges the notary public observing this signature process to pay close attention. This notary public will verify some facts about the administrator's signature, provide their certificates, and then stamp this statement to finalize the whole process.

Download our free Kentucky motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Kentucky motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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