Illinois Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

An Illinois motor vehicle power of attorney is a legal document used to assign a third party with which you have an agreement to represent you in front of the Vehicle Services Department of Illinois. This third party would be granted the authority to make decisions and sign documents regarding vehicle registration, titling, and vehicle transactions involving your (the principal's) vehicle. It is imperative to come to a formal agreement and properly explain your terms and instructions to this third party.

Illinois motor vehicle power of attorney

Illinois Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

With the motor vehicle power of attorney, the third-party individual could be an agent, an attorney, or a trusted person who would acts only in your best interests.

A fully executed power of attorney empowers the agent to perform all acts that the principal would perform if they were physically present. This includes the ability to buy, sell, or transfer the vehicle's title to another person.

When acting on behalf of the vehicle owner, however, the chosen individual must present a copy of the form to the car buyer, seller, business, or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If the owner of the vehicle completes an Illinois revocation form, the original document (and all copies) immediately expires, and the attorney-in-fact loses their power. 

The owner must disclose how and when they want the duties carried out. Using precise language in the form limits the authority of the attorney-in-fact and prevents them from abusing their decision-making power. In addition to including the tasks, the owner should consider adding an expiration date to the document so the attorney-in-fact has a deadline.

How to Fill The Illinois Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

Step 1 - Obtain the Illinois Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form

You can download the form for free by clicking the PDF button or filling in the information onscreen using the appropriate software. 

You will need information regarding the vehicle owner, individual, or agent receiving authority over the vehicle, and the vehicle itself. This information will be requested on this form and will need to be reported exactly as it appears in the paperwork and the appropriate assigned sections.  You can also use our POA maker - by clicking the generate button - to make a custom vehicle POA in just a few moments. 

Step 2 - Principal/Vehicle owner information

On the blank line labeled “Name of individual appointing power of attorney.” write the name of the Vehicle Owner as it appears on his or her Driver’s License and identification documents

On the next line, immediately after the words ``whose address is,” fill in the complete address of the present residence of the vehicle owner.   

Step 3 - Agent/Attorney Information

On the line following the words “…constitute and appoint,” fill in the full name of the individual receiving the authority to make decisions and carry out actions regarding this vehicle involved as if he/she were the actual vehicle owner.

After you have provided the agent’s full name, fill in the complete current address of the agent in the designated space.

Step 4 - Vehicle Information

It is necessary to provide accurate information as regards the vehicle referred to in this form. on the five lines labeled the vehicle make, year, model, body type, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) as stated in the vehicle papers.

Step 5 -  If the vehicle is being sold

In the case that this form is used concerning a purchase, record the purchaser’s name, current address, and the date of sale on the blank lines in the section under the words “Complete the following (if applicable).” However, this  section can be left blank if the vehicle is not being sold

Step 6 - Completion

The signature of each vehicle owner granting or transferring authority to the agent through this form will be required at the bottom of this form. The Vehicle Owner(s) should enter the date he or she signed this document below the signature. The document should also be notarized by a notary public.

Download our free Illinois motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Illinois motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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