Idaho Power of Attorney Revocation Form

In Idaho, a revocation of power of attorney allows you to revoke previously the authority granted in a power of attorney that has already gone into effect. For a revocation to be useful, all the relevant parties must be informed of it, or have a replica of the revocation, otherwise, they’ll continue to honor the initial POA. 

Idaho Power of Attorney Revocation Form

Idaho Power of Attorney Revocation Form

Writing Instructions

1. Download the POA Revocation Document: 

Gain access to the power of attorney revocation from this page by clicking the download button and choosing a Word or PDF file. 

You can also use our document creator to make a unique power of attorney that’s tailored to your needs. Click the generate button on this page and follow the prompts on the screen. It only takes a few minutes to finish. 

2. Choose the Type of Principal Power to be Revoked:

At the top of the document, you’ll be asked to fill in choose or fill in information about the type of power of attorney that you wish to revoke. There are multiple prepared options such as motor vehicle power of attorney and durable power of attorney. Initial next to the option that’s relevant to you. 

If you don’t see an option that’s in line with the power of attorney you’re revoking then place your initials next to the ‘other’ option and write out the kind of power of attorney you wish to revoke. 

3. Provide accurate details in the Revocation statement:

One of the most important parts of this document is the area where you’ll input the information related to who’s revoking the power of attorney and which power of attorney is being revoked. 

Write the full legal name and full residential address of the principal that issued the initial power of attorney. The full legal address should include the county and state. 

Next, write in the title of the power of attorney that will be revoked and the date it was executed. The execution date is the day the original power of attorney was signed - not the day the powers came into effect. 

The final pieces of information include the full name and residential address of the primary agent and successor agent (if the successor agent was used in the original POA). 

Keep in mind that if any of the information is entered incorrectly, the people you submit a copy to may demand additional confirmation or reject the revocation outright. That’s why it's so important to get this part correct.  

4. Signing of Termination by the Principal Signature: 

The final step is to get the principal, the witnesses, and the notary public to add their signatures to the document. 

The principal will sign first in the presence of the witnesses. The witnesses will then sign and acknowledge that, to their knowledge, the principal is of sound mind and not under any duress. 

The final signatory - the notary public - will confirm the identity of the signers, observe the signing, then also sign while including their seal on the document. 

After all of these conditions have been met, the document will be considered complete and can be shared with the relevant parties.

Download our free Idaho power of attorney revocation in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Idaho power of attorney revocation in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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