Georgia Motor Vehicle Power Of Attorney

The Georgia Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is a lawful/legal document endorsed and enforced by the principal, ie, the motor vehicle owner, conferring powers to an attorney-in-fact to carry out buying/selling transactions on your behalf in Georgia. This form is generally referred to as a dealer form. This form T-8 must be typed or printed in blue/black ink. Changes or modifications render the form null and void. The county tag office or the Department of Revenue has the authority to verify the information on this form. 

Georgia motor vehicle power of attorney

Georgia Motor Vehicle Power Of Attorney

Falsifying information on purpose is a felony. When the seller and buyer on the title assignment are identical, you cannot use T-8 limited POA. If you make a mistake, use the clear form button after printing a duly completed motor vehicle limited power of attorney in Georgia State.

Facts About Georgia Motor Vehicle Powers of Attorney

1. You must include a copy of your state-issued identification or driver's license, as well as the attorney in fact, for verification purposes.

2. In Georgia, notarization of your signature is required for the execution of this motor vehicle limited power of attorney.

3. Photocopies of this form should not be submitted. Originals must be submitted for the power of attorney to be processed further.

4. You must use the most recent version of the T-8 form.

Before signing and enforcing this motor vehicle limited power of attorney in Georgia State, please evaluate the powers you are granting to your attorney-in-fact.

You must be careful to include all of the requested vehicle information.

How To Fill This Form

Step 1 - Download the PDF form

The T-8 form can be gotten directly from this page or fill in the info on the screen if you have the proper software. You can also create a high-quality power of attorney using our POA maker. Click the generate button to get started.

Step 2 - Identification of the principal owner and the authorized agent

Each party in this statement must be fully recognized for the powers of authority to be substituted successfully to the representative via this document.

Fill in the legal name(s) of the principal who requests to allocate the major right  to the representative in the row tagged "Vehicle Owner(s) Full Legal Name(s)."

Then, the next row provides a cell for the legal name(s) of the assigned agent.

Step 3 -  Vehicle Information

The vehicle over which the representative will have major power must also be specified in this statement. A cell with various gaps has been given below the action statement for this purpose.

In the appropriate boxes, enter the required information:

  • The year it was made

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), 

  • Model 

  • Make 

The VIN will be required in the first row. The next row will then contain the remaining information.

Step 4 - Assigning authority to the agent

The vehicle owner must ascertain the certainty of this paper in the final sections of this form. To accomplish this, the principal must date the signature in the initial box after the statement "...attested this." Furthermore, in the box next to the phrase which indicates the day of the month in which this document was signed. 

Finally, enter the year in the final checkbox.

Each Principal owner must then publish and endorse their name in the boxes tagged "signature(s) of principal/owner" and "legal name(s) of principal/owner"

Find the cell provided for the principal residential address and number," then fill it up with the authentic principal's address and phone number, which should be documented. 

Step 5: Notarization

Notarization is required in some cases; however, regardless of whether this is the case, it’s considered a sign of satisfactory paperwork.

The notarization section will require the notary agent(s) to fill out several data such as the owner's license at the time of signing, so make sure this I.D. is present. This area's requirements will be met by the notary public's certifications and seal.

Download our free Georgia motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Georgia motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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