Florida Power of Attorney Forms

An individual (principal) can delegate legal control over their fiscal (and other) matters to someone else using Florida power of attorney forms. This gives the other individual, or delegate, the authority to act for the principal. The majority fill out this sort of document when they know they will be gone for an extended period or when they wish to prepare for the possibility of becoming handicapped. Because the delegate will be operating for the principal with the principal's finances, the principal has to appoint a trustworthy person. A trustworthy companion or family is often chosen by the principal.

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Florida Power of Attorney Forms

9 Types of Florida power of attorney

Advance Directive - a Florida advance directive is a type of power of attorney that appoints an agent to handle affairs related to someone's medical needs when they’re incapacitated or incompetent. It’s a combination of a medical power of attorney and a living will. It also allows the principal to appoint someone to handle their affairs after they’ve passed away. 

Durable (Statutory) Power of Attorney - A Florida durable power of attorney form is a mechanism for a person, or principal, to appoint an individual to act on their behalf in financial and other matters. The durable POA remains effective even if the principal is unable to think, act, or interact. Because this individual will manage the principal's properties and have access to the principal's fiscal concerns, the principal must choose a trustworthy person.

General (Fiscal) Power of Attorney - A general power of attorney (GPOA) in Florida empowers a representative to manage the fiscal affairs of another person (principal), but it is void if the holder becomes disabled. The representative chosen should be someone you can rely on and who will be able to operate on behalf of the principal while they are still alive and able to think clearly (becomes invalid once incapacitated).

Limited Power of Attorney - The Florida Limited Power of Attorney Form is used to give a person specified authority. This representative will be able to take specific activities and make choices for the user. These documents are typically used when the person granting authority does not want the representative to act outside of a specific purpose or deal. For example, if a purchaser is purchasing a home but will not be available for the closing, the purchaser can choose a person to serve in their place for that specific transaction.

Medical Power of Attorney - A Florida medical power of attorney, also known as a 'Florida designation of health care surrogate' permits an individual to choose an agent and an alternate agent to make health-care decisions if the principal (issuing party) experiences a medical condition that prevents him or her from communicating healthcare desires to health-care givers. This document permits the principal to choose a person who is familiar with his or her medical administration choices and can step in if the necessity arises.

Minor (Child) Power of Attorney - A Florida minor child power of attorney form is a legal form that permits a parent to give a companion or relative formal authorization to look after their children while they are away. In Florida, there is no such thing as a minor power of attorney, hence a custodianship request has to be filed with the County Probate Court. 

This form does not need to be notarized, but it will need to be approved by a judge and will not be recognized as a legitimate document until the judge has signed and stamped it. This form's first page should be placed aside because it is just for the judge's signature. Start at the form's second page.

Real Estate Power of Attorney - The Florida Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is a legal instrument that allows a designated representative (such as a person, attorney, or real estate agent) to refinance, trade, or oversee real estate for the issuer (or principal). The principal has to put his or her signature on the form in front of two eyewitnesses and a notary after it has been filled out. This form may be canceled at any moment by giving written notification to the present delegate stated in it and serving it, or by implementing a new document that would nullify the latest one promptly.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form - To revoke a formerly executed power of attorney in Florida, you need to fill out a revocation power of attorney document. It's vital to remember that even if you sign a revocation, it won't take effect until all of the affected third parties are aware of it. As a result, you must notify your financial organizations and others who could be depending on the prototype that it's no longer valid and that you supply them with a copy of the revocation.

Motor/Vehicle power of attorney (HSMV 82053) - The Florida Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Document allows a vehicle's titleholder to choose a trustworthy person to stand for him or her in all issues regarding his or her automobile, motorhome, or boat with the Florida Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. This ability will allow for a wide range of measures to be performed with an automobile, which includes matters concerning the car's documentation and title, as well as matters which involve the documentation and title of a motorhome or vessel.

Download our free Florida power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Florida power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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