Arkansas Power of Attorney Forms

An individual (principal) can choose a representative to represent them and decide on their behalf using Arkansas power of attorney documents. Financial or medical obligations are the most typical classifications. A wide range of legal responsibilities can be given to a delegate on behalf of the holder.

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Arkansas Power of Attorney Forms

Arkansas power of attorney form types

Advance Directive - An advance directive in Arkansas permits an individual to express their medical care choices and designate a person to make health-care choices for them. The document serves as a guide for a hospital in determining how to take care of an individual if they become chronically handicapped with little hope of recovery. It is typical for elderly persons with serious health problems to do so for these purposes.

Durable (statutory) Power of Attorney - A durable statutory power of attorney form in Arkansas permits a holder to appoint a partner or trusted relative as their financial representative for their lifespan. The word "durable" signifies that the delegate's rights will not be revoked if the holder becomes incapacitated. The only way to end the form is for the holder to put his or her signature for revocation or for them to die. If the holder becomes incapable, the only method to end the contract is to accuse the delegate of total carelessness and obtain a court order.

General (Financial) Power of Attorney  - A general power of attorney in Arkansas (GPOA) delegates financial decision-making authority to a representative chosen by the holder. The representative will be responsible for managing the holder's affairs in the best interests of the holder. If the holder becomes incapable (dementia, Alzheimer's disease, etc.) under the terms of a GPOA, the document becomes null and invalid.

Utilize a durable power of attorney document instead if the holder wants the representative's powers to continue to be authorized if the holder becomes disabled.

Limited Power of Attorney - The Arkansas Limited Power of Attorney Form is a legal document that delegates authority to a trustworthy individual to perform a certain act or event. The holder (the individual awarding the power) should be very precise about the power s/he is giving to the representative so that it is not misinterpreted as giving the representative more powers than planned.

Living Will - A living will, also known as an "advance care plan" in Arkansas, is a statement by an individual to choose their administration choices at their dying bed. This document would only be used if the individual was permanently incapacitated with no reasonable prospect of recovery. This provides for a more comforting dying, as well as the option to terminate one's life quicker without the use of ventilators or feeding devices.

Medical Power of Attorney - If the principal lacks the mental ability to make medical choices, an Arkansas medical power of attorney gives a trustworthy companion or relative the authority to do so on for him or her. This is a handy form to have on hand before undergoing an operation or any other fixed medical process requiring anesthesia. Furthermore, it is something that will be useful in the event of an unplanned hospital visit.

Minor (Child) Power of Attorney - A minor or child power of attorney in Arkansas delegates authority over an underaged child to a trustworthy custodian for a limited time. This is a useful document to have on hand in case you leave on holiday without your wards and they are being cared for by a relative. It can also be beneficial if you are a member of the military and will be deployed. It will enable your delegate to make financial and medical choices on your ward's behalf if you are unable to contact them.

Real Estate Power of Attorney - The Arkansas Real Estate Power of Attorney Form is a legal form that permits a holder who owns real assets to delegate authority to another person, such as an attorney or representative, to refinance, manage, or trade the property for them. Because this form has financial ramifications, it must be filled out by the holder and signed in front of a notary public.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form - When you need to revoke a power of attorney that you gave to a representative, you can use the Arkansas Revocation of Power of Attorney Document. This revocation document can be used to revoke any power of attorney you've given, such as a financial power of attorney, a limited power of attorney, or healthcare power of attorney. 

Ensure that any organization or individual who may have your power of attorney on file has received a duplicate of this revocation. If a third force is unaware of the revocation, they may continue to approve your representative's activities for you.

Motor/Vehicle Power of Attorney - The holder of an automobile can utilize the Arkansas Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Document to authorize a representative to handle matters such as registration, licensing, change of proprietorship, and or titling of automobiles in Arkansas. This is a restricted power of attorney for vehicle-related matters only.

Download our free Arkansas power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Arkansas power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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