Arizona Real Estate Power of Attorney

An Arizona real estate power of attorney is a form that allows a property owner to authorize an agent or attorney to trade, purchase, oversee, or refinance the property for them. The form is typically utilized to select an agent to execute a closing after a transaction has been agreed upon. Still, it can also authorize another individual to conduct real estate discussions for the principal. This form will need to be reviewed and signed by a witness, as well as the authentication of a notary.

Arizona Real Estate Power of Attorney

Arizona Real Estate Power of Attorney

How to draft an Arizona real estate power of attorney 

1 – Using the template on this webpage, a principal can give real estate authority. 

You can download the real estate power of attorney by clicking the download button on this page. It’s available as a Word or PDF document. 

You can also use our power of attorney maker to create a custom power of attorney that’s better tailored to your specific situation. 

2 – provide more information to support the words used in the introduction. 

There is a small introduction at the start of the contract. However, in a few circumstances, the individuals this delegation of Authority must impact must be explicitly mentioned. Each line was carefully selected to complement the phrase in the opening (with the required material). 

Name the person serving these papers as the principal on the first blank space. Complete this space with the principal's Full, Middle, and Last Names.

The principal's Complete Location will be requested in the following blank box. On the space before the title "Street Address," write the principal's Home Address. Fill in the blanks on this Location record with town and state after the phrases "City Of" and "State Of" (respectively). This opening declaration must include mentioning the Agent's name and location. 

To provide such detail, use the three blank spaces after the term "Hereby Appoint." After this statement, write the Agent's legitimate name in the first space, followed by their street address, town, and state in the next three spaces.

3 – When delegating power, principal review and authorization will be required. 

The first part's phrase, "Article I. Assignment Of Authority," is used by the principal to record and authorize the Agent's use of the identified categories of Principal Power. 

As long as Principal Authorization is provided, each of the four main Principal Real Property Power (Transactions, Administration, and Refinancing) will have a section definition of the Principal Activities the Agent may conduct with real estate. 

The principal can only offer Principal Authorization by signing the section's slot corresponding to the Power Type. Along with their signatures, the principal must tick the box next to their signature and the section label (in bold letters).

For each Authority given to the Agent, the Physical Location where the real estate is located, as well as its legal description, must be provided to the empty spaces in the allowed Authority Type. 

Any Power Type that is not signed and stamped by the principal, or that does not include the Physical Location and legal description of the Real Estate will be removed from this designation of Principal Power, and thus from the Agent's Principal Power.

4 – The principal Must Submit The Delegation's Active Date 

The Principal Power of the Agent, as well as the duration of their appointment, should be indicated. By standards, such authorities will be allocated to the Agent as of the signature Date, but the Expiration Date must be stated. 

The principal must provide this distinction. Three declarations regarding the term of this document have been presented for Principal examination in the part labeled "III. Term." The principal must personally sign and mark the declaration they wish to use when defining an Agent's ability to execute the Principal Power.

Within the first declaration option, the principal can set the Expiration Date. To do so, fill in the Day, Month, and Year in the blanks next to the sentences "...Automatically On The." The principal must first sign and check the checkbox before selecting declaration "a." 

Another option is to have the Expiration Date occur naturally after the principal's cancellation, debilitation, or death. The principal can employ this perspective by signing and marking declaration "b." 

The third option will effectively extend the term of the authorities in this area. It will only come to an end if the principal has purposefully canceled the license or has died. To apply for this designation as a durable Power, the principal must sign and check declaration "c."

5 – The Verifying Signature of the principal Is Required 

The date the form is signed must be entered in the "Dated" field by the principal. The principal must sign the "Principal's Signature" after noting the date. The "Agent's Signature" portion must be signed by the attorney granted Authority. The last person, the Notary who will validate the signature, will authenticate this designation using the lower section of this page.

Download our free Arizona real estate power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Arizona real estate power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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