Arizona Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

The Arizona motor vehicle power of attorney (Form 48-1001), is a legal document administered by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). It allows a person to appoint a representative to handle vehicle title and registration on behalf of a company or individual. That is, it allows the principal/owner to grant a trusted person - the agent or attorney-in-fact - the authority to make decisions, transfer titles, and handle any business matters for any cars belonging to the principal.

Arizona motor vehicle power of attorney

Arizona Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney

The title and registration application will be required by the representative, who may prefer to handle the process at a physical office location or to complete the process by mailing the required documents to the motor vehicle division along with the filing fee. 

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) allows the use of a DMV power of attorney for a variety of vehicle types, including; cars, trucks, vessels, and motorcycles.

This document is often used if the principal becomes disabled, infirm, or incapacitated and is unable to perform the vehicle transactions themselves. The document also grants the principal the right to instantly transfer their authority once the document has been validated.

How to Fill This Form

Step 1 - Obtain and print copies of the form. 

You can download the PDF file containing the power of attorney form from this page or use our power of attorney creator by answering a few questions, remember to save an extra copy for future reference.

In place of filling and downloading the form, you can use our power of attorney creator to make a compliant power of attorney in just a few moments. Click the ‘generate’ button to start the process. 

Step 2- Fill in the following information:

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The vehicle ID number box is located in the top left of the application form, fill in the VIN of the vehicle at the center of this space. Also fill in the year, manufacturer name (make), and style of the vehicle in the designated areas on this row.

Step 3

Attorney-In-Fact/Agent Information.

The person (or entity) given decision-making authority over the vehicle listed on the form is known as the “Attorney-in-fact.” Put down this person's name in the space provided in the second column.

On the row labeled “Mailing Address", the third row on this form, fill in the complete address of the attorney-in-fact where this person or organization can be reached by mail if the DMV wishes to. First, fill in the building number, street number, or P.O. box number. In the second box fill in the city of residence, the third is for the state, and in the fourth fill in the zip code for that mailing address.

Step 4

Identification of the primary owner of the vehicle

The last section on this page requires proper identification details of the vehicle owner granting the authority. Find the box titled "Buyer/Seller/Owner," any of these can be a principal so long as they can grant or transfer authority for the vehicle involved. Fill in this person's full name and then his/her driver's license number and birthdate.

Next, after providing the identification information of the appointee, be sure to indicate this party’s present mailing address (street, building, and apartment), city of residence, zip code, and state in the designated areas.

The principal should then sign the signature box, preferably with a notary public or DMV agent as a witness to act as the verifying party.

A space has been provided for the verifying party right after the words “Acknowledged before me…” Make sure this space is filled out only by them.

Download our free Arizona motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Arizona motor vehicle power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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