Arizona Limited Power of Attorney

There is no limited power of attorney form specific to Arizona, but a durable power of attorney may be customized to grant powers specified by the principal. The form will include a section in which the principal can catalog all the powers that can be granted, such as access to specific financial accounts (such as a checking or savings account, but not one associated with retirement savings) and certain property titles like a home title, but not a car. We’ve already gone ahead to provide a power of attorney that is customized which you can access on this page.  

Arizona limited power of attorney

Arizona Limited Power of Attorney

How to Complete an Arizona Limited Power of Attorney

1 – Download the File

The first step is to obtain a copy of the form. Do this using one of the icons under the image. You can also use our power of attorney creator to quickly make a custom power of attorney that is tailored to your specific situation. 

2 – Information Required

The first space provided here is reserved for the grantor’s full legal name. In the next space, the complete address will be entered. Lastly, enter the grantor’s birth date as appears on the birth certificate. 

The agent’s name, address, and birth date will also be entered here; similarly. 

3 – Stating Power(s)

This is where the grantor decides and states which actions the agent may take on their behalf. If the space is short, enter the rest in another sheet and attach it to this. The agent’s name should follow this.

4 – Signature Approval

This legal document has three areas where each party is asked to provide a testimonial regarding the principal signing of the document. The grantor, a witness, and a notary public (not always required by Arizona state law) are needed for this last part. 

Next, the Principal must use the three blank spaces below to enter his or her printed name and the execution date to further verify their intent. Upon completion, the Principal must sign this paragraph.

At the end of the second paragraph, there is a signature line, where a witness can testify that he or she witnessed the signing of this contract by the Principal. Report the Witness' name in the first blank of the second paragraph. Next, report the date on which the witness viewed the principal’s signature on the document. As a final step, the Witness must sign his or her name under the appropriate heading at the end of this paragraph. 

A Notary public will now notarize this document by doing so in the space provided. This stamps the authenticity of this form.

Duplicate this document before you give it to your agent, also with any other responsibilities you would want to assign privy to the record. You may additionally want to hold a replica of the very last page.

Download our free Arizona limited power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Arizona limited power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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