Arizona Power of Attorney Forms

A power of attorney in Arizona is a legal instrument that selects a person to act in the place of another individual for financial, medical, or parental purposes. If an individual is admitted following a car crash, for instance, this agreement authorizes their appointed delegate ("agent" or "attorney-in-fact") to briefly manage and supervise their estate, handle bank accounts, pay bills, and even make medical choices if necessary. To finish the form, an individual must write it and put his or her signature according to state legislation.

Arizona power of attorney template

Arizona Power of Attorney Forms

Types of Arizona power of attorney

Advance Health Care Directive - An advance directive in Arizona allows a person to appoint a health care agent to decide on their behalf and make end-of-life administration choices for them. A partner, family member, or close friend should be chosen as the representative. Any medical choice that is per the individual's preferences shall be made by the agent. When it comes to end-of-life care, an individual might choose between keeping themselves alive for the period that is possible or to refuse food, water, and respiratory help if they become forever debilitated.

Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney - A durable (financial) power of attorney in Arizona is a form that permits an individual (principal) to delegate financial decision-making authority to another individual (agent). The document is particularly beneficial if the holder is unable to decide for themselves due to psychological illness. In this instance, the representative would have complete power over the holder's financial affairs and could make any choice required as far as it was in the holder's best interests.

General (Financial) Power of Attorney - A general power of attorney (GPOA) in Arizona is a form that expresses a principal's desire for another person to represent his or her financial affairs. A GPOA, distinct from the durable variant, is of no use if the holder becomes debilitated. A GPOA is a contract between business partners that allows one to manage things on the behalf of the partner if s/he is unable to do so.

Limited Power of Attorney - A Limited Power of Attorney form is not available in Arizona, however, a durable power of attorney document can be changed to indicate the powers the holder intends to assign to the representative. The document will have a space where the principal can identify all of the rights that this limiting form can give, such as access to specified types of monies (such as checking and savings accounts, but not retirement accounts) or certain items/belonging (house titles but not automobile titles).

Living Will - A living will in Arizona is a document that informs medical personnel about an individual's end-of-life care choices. When a sick person is regarded as mortally ill and unable to talk for themselves, a living will is employed. The document instructs medical personnel on whether or not to supply or withdraw life-supporting operations such as feeding and respiratory support.

Medical Power of Attorney - A medical power of attorney in Arizona is a legal form that authorizes a family member or partner to manage another individual's medical care. A power of attorney is drafted by a principal if they are unable to communicate with the medical staff themselves. This is prevalent because of Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, or current operation. The principal can revoke a medical power of attorney whenever by filling out a Revocation Document.

Minor/Child Power of Attorney - If the principal is debilitated, abroad, or other than that not able to care for their wards for a length of time, the Arizona Minor Child Power of Attorney permits them to choose a guardian for their wards (for the maximum duration of six months). 

Active military personnel on a term of enlistment have the option of extending this term by up to a year. Furthermore, this form only covers custodianship of underaged children and not any other sort of power of attorney, such as medical or financial powers of attorney. The "Delegation of Parental Powers in Arizona" is another name for this benevolent power of attorney form.

Real Estate Power of Attorney - To handle, purchase, mortgage (refinance), transfer, or trade an asset, a real estate power of attorney form is needed. The form can be utilized in a long-term capacity. This means that if the holder becomes paralyzed, the powers granted in the form will still be legal.

Power of Attorney Revocation Form - Arizona Revocation Power of Attorney Document permits the principal to officially withdraw powers of attorney issued to an agent, as well as send duplicates of this detail to any relevant third parties, like a bank, hospital, etc.

Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney (48-1001) - The Arizona Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV) offers a vehicle power of attorney (Form 48-1001) that permits a principal to provide an agent the authority to take and change titles of any cars held by the principal. This is normally necessary if the principal becomes disabled or incapacitated, however, the form also gives the principal the authority to change those powers immediately after the paperwork is signed.

Download our free Arizona power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Arizona power of attorney in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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