What your signature says about you

Ascending signature

This signature infers that the signer has ambition, optimism, creativity, and vitality.

Descending signature

When people have a descending signature, they can be considered a skeptic.

Large signature

This type of signature shows confidence in themselves and their decisions.

Small signature

A small signature can oftentimes mean that someone is lacking confidence.

Legible signature

When the signature is clear, it may mean the person is open and straightforward in their dealings.

Illegible signature

An illegible signature can mean that someone has a quick mind.

Incomplete (or initials)

In this case, the person may have an independent streak that needs to be taken into consideration.

Line after signature

If you add a line after a signature it can mean that you have determination and drive.


eSignature maker FAQ

What is the Signature Generator and how does it work?

The online signature generator is a tool that creates an electronic signature for you to sign documents online. An electronic signature is a representation of your acceptance of the contents of any document you sign.

The electronic signatures made using our free tool are legally binding in dozens of jurisdictions, so use them wisely.

Does your signature creator keep a record of my signature?

Absolutely not. The online signature maker is a tool that works on the frontend of our website in your browser. No data gets transmitted to our servers. If you exit the page, your signature is deleted.

Only you can see or access the signature you create unless you want someone else to. You can create an account with UsefulPDF and then store your electronic signature for all your document signing needs.

Does the Signature maker create an online signature, electronic signature, or digital signature?

Our signature generator makes it possible to create a downloadable electronic signature. An electronic signature is the same thing as an online signature. These are representations of your signature in a digital format.

A digital signature, on the other hand, has more stringent requirements. It’s a type of electronic signature that uses a higher level of encryption to verify the authenticity of the parties involved, messages, and documents. It works using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which has private and public keys that need to match for it to be considered legitimate.

Will the signature made using the signature creator be valid for legal documents?

Yes, the electronic signature produced for you will be valid for legal documents. Keep in mind that different documents require different levels of authentication. For example, the EU has three levels of electronic signatures, and the one produced here is legally binding in most instances.

Register for our eSigning tool - UsefulSign - it’ll handle all the encryption for you so you can focus on getting your documents signed.

Should I keep a separate paper trail when using electronic signatures?

That is not necessary. When using an online signature creator like UsefulSign, we have a built-in audit trail that’s even more robust than most paper trails. It tracks IP address, dates, and even has a hash fingerprint that enhances our electronic signature’s authenticity.

Can I sign any kind of document with the eSignature created here?

Yes, you can, with a few exceptions. With our online signature maker, you can sign many types of documents, and they’ll be legally binding. In addition to documents you create and send with UsefulSign, you’ll be able to download and use it with agreements sent to you.

Our signature maker is versatile and can sign most types of contracts, but electronic signatures, as a rule, shouldn’t be used with certain kinds of documents such as: - Last Will and Testament
- Power of Attorney
- Codicils and trusts
- Adoption paperwork
- Divorces decrees
- Court orders & notices
- Notices of default, foreclosure, repossession, or eviction
- Product recalls
- Documentation accompanying the transportation of hazardous material