Pennsylvania Living Will Declaration Form

The state of Pennsylvania recognizes the existence of a living will, which outlines how an individual in the last stages of a medical condition should be handled by the state's medical personnel. This kind of advance directive allows people to declare their preferences for life-sustaining treatment alternatives, such as tube feedings, in advance of needing them. A medical power of attorney and a living will are used together to authorize a representative to act on the patient's behalf in certain circumstances.

Pennsylvania living will template

Pennsylvania Living Will Declaration Form

Definition of living will § 5422

"Living will," the narrator asserts, is the driving force behind the cosmos. A document under this chapter is created to guarantee that the desires of a principal who has been deemed incompetent and who is suffering from an advanced medical condition or who is permanently unconscious are correctly recorded and preserved.

Laws and statutes to adhere to

Requirements needed to complete the signing process- the document must be signed by a minimum of two individuals.

Laws and Statutes- Chapter 54 of the Statutes of Virginia (Health Care)

How and what to put into writing

Step 1 – Declarant/Principal End-of-Life Decisions – In this part, we will discuss the Declarant's decision to choose how they would want to die while being mentally competent. Beginners should start with the suggested reading list.

Except in cases where the Declarant/Principal writes or enters "I don't want" in the line(s) next to any one of the options, all options shall be applied.

Identifying the Declarant/Principal: • If the Declarant/Principal prefers to be tube fed, indicate this preference by initialing the line indicating so. Starting the line before that pick is recommended if no tune feeding is needed.

Step 2 – Settling for a Healthcare Agent

Ultimately, it is up to the Declarant/Principal to decide whether they want the healthcare agent to follow their original instructions or if they want the document to be used as a guide for any future decisions about the Declarant's health care.

The Declarant expresses their choice by initializing the line immediately before it.

Step 3 – Legal Protection- this section carefully ensure that your agent and health care providers are not held liable for acting in good faith to carry out your end-of-life desires, which is covered in this Step.

Step 4 – The process of Donating organs

It is conceivable for a Declarant to give up all of their organs in exchange for their freedom.

Indicate what kind of donations you're seeking, as well as how you intend to utilize the funds.

• As an alternative,

• Refusal to give one's organs outright is an option.

To make a selection, begin from the very beginning of the selection.

Step 5- The signing process. To have your name on anything, it must first have your signature on it! The Declarant/Principal is required to sign and date the document under the guidelines.

·      As of this writing, the current date is DD/MM/yyyy

·      It is required that the declarant provide their full legal name when submitting a health care power of attorney or treatment instructions (signature).

·      They can't be linked to the Declarant in any way (by blood or marriage or as a physician, creditor, heir to the Declarant's inheritance, or employer), and they can't be related to the Principal themselves in any way.

· To be considered a witness, all parties must sign their names in front of the other witnesses.

Step 6- The Process of Notarization: If the Declarant/Principal needs this document while in another state for whatever reason, the laws of that state will probably be more likely to recognize this document if it is notarized in Pennsylvania.

Having the document notarized is also an option for the Declarant/Principal who wishes to have it notarized on his or her behalf.

Download our free Pennsylvania living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Pennsylvania living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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