Ohio Living Will Declaration Form

If a person desires to receive life-sustaining treatment or die as a result of natural causes, an Ohio living will is a formal declaration of that decision. This would only apply in the case of persons who have been certified terminally ill and had little possibility of recovery, and only if delaying their eventual death was the only alternative. A medical power of attorney, which allows a person to choose an agent to make health-care decisions on their behalf, is often used in conjunction with a living will to protect the individual's wishes.

Ohio living will template

Ohio Living Will Declaration Form

Laws and statutes to adhere to

Requirements needed to complete the signing process-Section 2133.02(B) establishes the bare minimum of witnesses and/or notaries which is two that must be present for a signature to be valid.

Laws and statutes – Section 2133 of the Code of Civil Procedure (Modified Uniform Rights of the Terminally Ill Act)

How and what to put into writing

Step 1: Download and save the document.

Step 2- The Declarant must be Established On the second page of the paper, labeled "Establishment of Declarant," type the following into the text box:

·     The complete legal name of the Declarant should be written on the document.

·     The date of birth of the declarant must be entered in the format mm/dd/yyyy.

·     Following the definitions, you'll be asked whether you've previously completed a power of attorney; just choose yes or no from the drop-down menu on the form after the definitions.

Step 3 – Before proceeding with the form's completion, the Declarant must read the notification that was provided. According to Section 2133.05(2)(a) of the Revised Code,

Step 4- provide your full contact information. Alternatively, if the Declarant chooses not to make use of this section, he or she might simply add an "X" in its location. If the Declarant wishes to provide more information, he or she should complete this section.;

Step 5 – Authorization of the Declarant to the health personnel – This step is the last. I grant my doctor permission to do the following procedures to offer comfort care:

·     You should refrain from providing any life-sustaining treatment, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

·     Please note that if I am rendered permanently unconscious, you are permitted to withhold or remove any artificially or technologically supplied nourishment or hydration if I have given my consent under the Special Instructions listed below and all other requirements are met.

·     Make a DNR Order.

·     Never attempt to extend my life by doing anything other than what is necessary to make me comfortable and relieve my pain.

Step 5 – Specific Directives – If the Declarant wants to provide specific instructions, he or she should initial the box provided.

Step 6: Please make note of any additional instructions or limits in the space provided. Continue on a second sheet, and if you want extra room, staple it to the living will

Step 7: It is optional to offer Anatomical Gifts

·     When characterizing a donation of body parts, the word "anatomical gift" is required under Oregon Revised Code Section 2133.07, which is found in the Oregon Revised Code (C)

·     The Declarant may choose to specify whether or not he or she wants to offer anatomical gifts in this section.

·     State how you would want your donations to be used.

·     It is critical that you inform everyone you know about what is taking place. You should carefully read the following and, if you agree, please provide the following information:

·     When the Declarant signs the document, the date shall be stamped in the following format: mm/dd/yyyy.

·     If the location of the signing of the declaration is known, it should be included.

·     The Declarant's signature should be input in the appropriate field.

Step 8- determine if two witnesses or a notary public are most appropriate for the Declarant.

For your sake and the sake of your witnesses, the Declarant's choice of witnesses must be well aware of what constitutes proper and inappropriate conduct as a witness in the following situations:

·     PERSONS WHO ARE WITNESSES The Revised Code has the following section: 2133.02(B)(1).

·     The following individuals must not be present to be a witness to this Living Will Declaration: • the person making the Living Will Declaration; and

·     If you have one, this is the individual who has been appointed as your health care proxy.

·     If you have a legal representation, please include their name and contact information.

·     Applicable further representatives or guardianships, if any

·    All of your family members, regardless of whether they are related by blood, marriage, or adoption (for example, your spouse and children)

·     The doctor who is presently administering your treatment.

·     The administrator of the institution where you are receiving treatment is responsible for

Step 9: If you want to have two witnesses, they must each complete the following form before they may be considered:

1st witness

·     The signature of the first Witness

·     Full printed name of the first witness

·     The date is formatted in the following manner: mm/dd/yyyy.

·     The full address of the first witness

2nd Witness

·     The signature of the 2nd Witness

·     Full printed name of the 2nd witness

·     The date is formatted in the following manner: mm/dd/yyyy.

·     The full address of the 2nd witness

If the Declarant so desires, Notary Publics may be called upon to serve as witnesses. Their last touch will be to complete the remainder of the page and sign it with their official seal.

Step 10 – Notification to Declarant on Donor Registry Enrollment Form for Ohio – This is the last step in the process. If the Declarant wishes to be an organ donor, they must first read the following material before proceeding to the next step of the process.

Step 11: Extra Information Included in This Package (Optional Information).

• Ohio's Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Laws and Regulations

·      The Hospice Choice

Download our free Ohio living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Ohio living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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