North Carolina Living Will Declaration Form

A North Carolina living will is a legal document that communicates a person's medical care preferences to the medical team. In the event of a permanent handicap or an incurable sickness, this is the contingency plan to be implemented. In many cases, their primary care physician is ordered to discontinue life-sustaining treatments and allow the patient to die naturally.

North Carolina living will

North Carolina Living Will Declaration Form

Laws and statutes to adhere to

Requirements needed to complete the signing process-The document must be signed in the presence of two (2) witnesses and a notary public (90-321(c)).

Law and statutes – sections 90-320 through 90-323 of the California Code of Civil Procedure (Right to Natural Death; Brain Death)

How and what to put into writing for the North Carolina living will

Step 1: Get a copy of the document by downloading it. 


Step 1: The Declarant wishes to die under nature. Fill in the blanks with the Declarer's complete legal name.

Step 2: When the Declarer Files an Application — This is the second phase in the process. Once you've finished reading the statement, mark any or all that apply directly below the statement in the forms provided.

If my attending physician determines that I cannot make or express health-care decisions, my directives respecting the extension of my life will take effect.

Step 3: This document contains the Declarant's Instructions for Prolonging Their Life - The Declarant's Instructions are as follows: The following statement should be read, and only the parts that apply should be initialed in the fields that have been provided:

I'm telling my medical experts to do the following whenever I initial a box in Section 1, 

Step 4 – Hydration and Man-made Nutrition –

In terms of food and water, you cannot just depend on what the natural world can give. To begin this part, you must first complete Section 2 if you want to make any changes to the instructions provided therein. After reading the statement, make any possible remarks in the accessible sections that aren't already taken.


Step 5 – Carefully read the statement below:

Please take the time to read the following:

As long as I'm clean, comfortable, and pain-free, I want my dignity to be preserved, even if it means that my death is brought forward a little. A life-prolonging procedure is ordered to be delayed or stopped under my advance instructions, according to the advance directive. "I am aware and understand that this document orders certain life-prolonging procedures to be delayed or stopped under my advance instructions," the advance directive states.

Step 6: If I have a suitable agent available- please complete the form and indicate your preference by initialing just one of the sections provided on the form.

The following is ordered: "If a health care power of attorney or comparable instrument has been issued on my behalf, and that health care agent is presently functioning and available and issuing orders that differ from my Advance Directive, then the following is ordered:

Step 7: The health care provider must depend on this Declarant under his or her written desires. It is necessary to examine the substance of the paragraph. There is no need to do anything if the witness confirms it at the end of the document. Despite this, the Declarant is still required to read and accept the document. Alternatively, if Declarant has any doubts about the interpretation of this agreement, he or she may seek the counsel of an attorney.

This document will not be held responsible by me or by my healthcare providers if the directives I give are not followed. Neither my family, my estate, nor my heirs or personal representative will be held liable by me or by their healthcare professionals.

If you comply with my instructions, it will not be considered suicide, the cause of my death, malpractice, or unethical behavior on my part. "If my health care professionals are unaware that I have revoked this instrument and they follow the directions in this instrument in good faith, they will be entitled to the same protections as if the instrument had not been revoked."

Step 8 – The declarant directs that this directive be executed everywhere –

The provisions of my Advance Directive should be followed by any healthcare professional, regardless of their location.

Step 9. This instruction can be revoked by me because I have the full right to do so- outlines a person's right to withdraw a directive at any moment if they are of sound mind, and it is important to understand this right. If you change your mind, notify someone as soon as possible, or contact an attorney as soon as feasible. Your legal rights are being respected in this situation.

Upon my request, I may withdraw this Advance Directive at any time by signing a document or signaling to my attending physician in a manner that is clear and consistent that I choose to do so in the future. The withdrawal of this tool may harm the economy.

To date, your statement and your signature, use the dd/mm/yyyy format (day, month, year).

The declarants signature should be included

• Type the Declarant's first and last names in the appropriate fields.

Step 10: Witnesses and Notarization- When a document is signed by at least two witnesses who are not related to the declarant in any way (including by blood or marriage or adoption), the document is considered complete and may go on to the next phase. Before anything else, the witnesses' dated signatures should be provided:

Witness 1

This is the first witness in this case

• The date should be formatted as mm/dd/yyyy.

• The name and signature of the witness

Witness 2

• The date should be formatted as mm/dd/yyyy.

• Witnesses' Signature must be appended

A notary public in North Carolina is required by law to complete the remainder of the form, which may be found here. The legitimacy of the document will be confirmed by the use of the notary public's state seal.

Download our free North Carolina living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free North Carolina living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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