Illinois Living Will Form

The Illinois living will is a declaration that permits an individual to state their end-of-life treatment choices in case of permanent injury, infection, or sickness. This is normally used for people that are at risk of injury, have a terminal illness, or have some form of degenerative disease. Of course, it can be used by others as well. 

Illinois living will

Illinois Living Will Form


755 ILCS 35/2(b) 

"Declaration” signifies an archive witnessed and recorded as a hard copy, in a printed version or electronic configuration, deliberately carried out by the declarant as per the prerequisites of Section 3. 

Laws for Illinois living will

Rule – 755 ILCS 35 

Signing Requirements – Two (2) witnesses (755 ILCS 35/3).

Step by step instructions to write 

Stage 1 – Naming the Declarant – At the top part of the document, the data below should be entered:

  • The document should be dated in this format: dd/mm/yyyy

  • The full legitimate name of the declarant should then be entered in the next line

Stage 2 – Declarant Review of Statements – The next two sections must then be viewed by the Declarant (Principal) cautiously in its entirety; and if it satisfying and understood properly by the declarant, the information below should then be entered.  

Stage 3 – Witness Review of Statement and Signatures – The witnesses must be present during signing as it is required by this document. Also, the document requires the signature of two (2) witnesses. The witnesses are meant to cautiously review the assertions in the documents and if they are satisfied it is complete and is in agreement, then the following information below should be entered. 

  • The Witnesses’ Signature

This report doesn't need authentication by a legal (notary) official except in any case the Declarant/Principal chooses to.

Download our free Illinois living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Illinois living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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