Colorado Living Will Form

The Colorado living will, or "Declaration as to Medical or Surgical Treatment", permits an individual to map out end-of-life care preferences. This incorporates how they want to be treated if they’re unable to stand for themselves as a result of being mentally or physically disabled. The document is made and endorsed by the applicant with no less than two (2) guarantors or the affirmation of a notary public and ought to be on hand in an available spot in the case it's required. 

Colorado living will

Colorado Living Will Form


SIgning Requirement – Attestation by two witnesses or notarization (§ 15-18-106(1)). 

Statutes – § 15-18-104 

Writing Instructions

I. Declaration 

(1) Colorado Patient As The Declarant. You reserve the privilege to settle on specific therapy choices before being analyzed with a drawn-out (long haul) coma or experiencing a deadly ailment as a Patient, or an anticipated Patient, in Colorado. Such mandates will be viewed as your notification to the Colorado Clinical Faculty looking for your position on emergency procedures and some other clinical orders you have. Start by adding your complete name to the declaration. 

A. Terminal Condition 

Directive 1 Life-Sustaining Procedures

Select Thing 2 Or Select Thing 3 

(2) Deny Colorado Life-Sustaining Treatments. If you have a life-threatening or lethal ailment there is almost no expectation of recuperation. This implies that your body is incapable of helping you, or can just do such with much agony. Colorado Clinical Experts can help you with life-supporting medicines (for example, breathing tubes for patients unable to breathe, or directing dialysis to assist with cleaning the blood). If you don't wish any clinical treatment purposely to prolong the duration of your life, then you can deny it in directive 1. 

(3) Endorse Colorado Life-Supporting Medicines. As the Colorado Declarant giving clinical orders through this document, you additionally have the choice of including explicit guidance to the life-supporting treatment this mandate endorses. For instance, you may not wish to be intubated when determined to have specific ailments however wish to get other life-extending measures like a medical procedure or dialysis). The space given in this mandate choice will acknowledge such guidelines to Colorado Doctors. 

Instruction 2 Unnatural Nutrition And Hydration 

Select Option 4, Option 5, Or Option 6 

(4) Stop Or Reject Artificial Sustenance. The choice that you have archived over your eagerness to acknowledge life-supporting treatment will exclude your position on assisted nutrient delivery. If you don't plan to acknowledge the alternative conveyance of sustenance or hydration (while encountering a terminal condition) then make it known in the relevant section. 

(5) Contingent Acknowledgment Of Artificial Sustenance And Hydration. You may likewise apply your right as the Colorado Patient to acknowledge the liberation of artificial sustenance and hydration insofar as your condition meets a basis you set. For example, you might wish to draw in a time for testing assisted nourishment and hydration in specific situations. 

(6) Agree To Artificial Sustenance And Hydration. Introductory the third assertion to ask for and agree to the conveyance of counterfeit sustenance or hydration any time it is needed after you have been determined to have a lethal ailment. 

B. Steady Vegetative State 

Instruction 1 Life-Supporting Strategies 

Select Option 7 Or Select Option 8 

(7) Retaining Endorsement For Life-Support. If doctors conclude you’re in a persistent vegetative state without any way to recuperate then your body will require clinical guidance to remain alive. Such strategies will zero in on extending your life. You can agree to this in the living will

(8) Contingent Agreement To Life-Supporting Techniques. You may select the specific life-support technology and medicines used for your treatment beforehand using this document. 

Instruction 2 Counterfeit Sustenance And Hydration 

Select Option 9, Option 10, Or Option 11 

(9) Guidance To Retain artificial feeding and hydration. Your directions on how or regardless of whether artificial sustenance and hydration can be conveyed to your body while you are unconscious, ought to likewise be incorporated into this segment. 

(10) Incomplete Endorsement To Get Artificial Nourishment And Hydration. This determination requires documentation of your guidelines on when and how artificial sustenance and hydration can be controlled while you are in a vegetative state. 

(11) Asking for artificial Sustenance And Hydration. To demand that artificial conveyed sustenance, as well as water, be given to you when your body requires it while in a long-lasting unconsciousness, starting the last assertion in this instruction. 

Area II Different Instructions

Select Option 12 Or Option 13 

(12) Record Extra Colorado Clinical Directions. If you have proceeded with any of the above regions on a connection (that is appropriately named thusly) and additionally given a different archive of your guidelines, then, at that point, present your initials to the primary assertion shown in Segment II. This will demonstrate to future commentators that extra administrative work goes with this order (and ought to be looked for total comprehension of your clinical inclinations. 

(13) Affirm No Connections. If you don't have any extra reports in regards to your clinical consideration (for example a Clinical Force of Lawyer or continuation of any above mandates) then, at that point, introduce the subsequent assertion. 

Area III Goal With Clinical Force Of Lawyer 

Select Option 14 Or Option 15 

(14) Colorado Medical care Specialist Authority. If you have named a Medical care Specialist to address your desires utilizing a Colorado Medical services Force of Lawyer or comparable archive, then, at that point, their directives over your clinical therapy according to this report ought to be examined. Remember, there might be the point at which this current report's directions and the assessment of your Medical care Specialist vary. If that you accept your Medical services Specialist ought to have the option to do your orders in any event, when they revoke the directions you conveyed above, then, at that point, start the principal presentation in Area III. This can be helpful if your Medical care Specialist is especially state-of-the-art and very much educated on current therapies for your condition. 

(15) Superseding The Colorado Medical care Specialist. If you have selected a Medical services Specialist or Delegate to convey your clinical guidelines in the Province of Colorado yet wish this record to abrogate any negative directions of the Medical care Specialist, then, at that point, the second assertion in Area III should be initialed. This will eliminate your Medical care Specialist, on the whole, to contradict the clinical guidelines you set in the living will above.

Area IV Discussion With Different People 

(16) Approved Advisors For Colorado Medical services. This record can be utilized to illuminate Colorado Doctors of your wish that specific individuals in your circle or where you get clinical consideration to be counseled in regards to treatment controlled when you are at death's door, lethally harmed, or in an extremely durable vegetative state. Rundown each such individual by name in Segment IV just as their relationship to you. Know that except if you have recorded a purposely delegated Medical care Specialist around here, nobody you name here will reserve the privilege to figure out what your clinical therapy ought to be. This might be a rundown of invested individuals who you wish Colorado Specialists to talk with depending on the situation. 

Area V. Notice Of Different People 

(17) Required Contacts Before Overseeing Mandates. Use the region in Segment V to apportion the name and phone number or the email address of anybody you wish to reach and educate regarding your condition when you are analyzed as at death's door or for all time oblivious. 

Area VI Physical Gifts 

(18) Wanted Physical Gift In Colorado. Beginning the primary assertion in Area IV if you wish to give your organs and body parts upon death in the Territory of Colorado. 

(19) Favored Physical Gift. If you wish to give just specific organs or tissues, give your initials to the subsequent assertion. Once done, list the kind of tissues you wish to give in the space given (you might utilize a connection if more space is required). 

(20) Declining To Make Physical Gifts. To decline to make an organ or tissue gift in the Province of Colorado (upon death), initialed the last assertion in Area VI. 

Segment VII Signature

(21) Signature Date Of Execution. Audit the mandates you have chosen from the administrative work above just as any connections containing your treatment guidelines when in the Territory of Colorado and weakened with a lethal condition or for all time oblivious. To make this authority, a dated and corroborated or legally approved signature from the archive's Declarant should be submitted. Figure out who will approve your deed of signing, assemble, then, at that point, produce the current date to the signature mark region. 

(22) Signature Of Colorado Patient As Declarant. Sign your complete name while a Colorado Witness or Legal official notices. 

Segment VIII Announcement Of Witnesses 

(23) Colorado Signature Declarant. If two Colorado Witnesses have noticed the demonstration of your marking this archive, then, at that point, your complete name should be recorded where it is mentioned in the Observer Proclamation. 

(24) Signature Of Witness 1 Necessity. A Colorado Witness is a grown-up Party who is unprejudiced by the aftereffects of your treatment. The principal Witness who has seen you sign this report should audit the announcement given, then imply their concurrence with it by signing and printing their name. The Principal Colorado Witness should likewise give their street number should anybody require extra declaration concerning your signature. 

(25) Signature Of Witness 2 Necessity. The Subsequent Colorado Witness should likewise meet similar measures as the First to be qualified for this job. Provided that this is true, then, at that point, the Subsequent Colorado Witness' signature, printed name, and private location should be submitted to the second signature region once the person has perused and consented to the affirmation made. 

Notary Seal (Discretionary) 

(26) Colorado Signature Authentication. If your signature was seen by a Colorado Legal (Notary) official, the individual will convey the things surrounding your signature just as their seal and qualifications.

Download our free Colorado living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Colorado living will in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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