Close Deals Faster, Slash Costs, and Streamline Approval Processes With Our Legally Binding Electronic Signature Software - Usefulsign.

Fully secure, legally binding, and a joy to use. The UsefulPDF eSigning solution makes agreements easier.

SSL enterprise-grade encryption to secure your data
Certified email & audit trail
Team collaboration and invite signers
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Choose where you want people to sign on your document

Drag and drop electronic signature boxes, add custom fields, and include consent fields to make eSigning PDFs and other documents easier for you and everyone else involved.

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Choose Document
Set signing order
Track progress
Save Documents

For the teams that need a simple solution that gets the job done

Speed, security, and convenience. The combination that gets your documents signed up to 80% faster without any added work. The best part? All the signatures you collect through the UsefulPDF platform are legally binding in dozens of jurisdictions around the world

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If signing by hand is too slow

Leave behind the nightmare of signing every document by hand. Business moves at the speed of thought, and you need a platform that moves just as quickly. You’ve found it.

When other tools have too many bells and whistles that get in the way

Maybe you don’t need work process automation, complex workflows, and a thousand other features. Use our platform when you need an intuitive interface to get legally binding signatures - fast.

Intuitive by design

UsefulSign has been built from the ground up to make it brain-dead simple to send out documents for signing. No more spending your precious time watching help videos, contacting support, or reading knowledgebase articles for actions that you should be able to complete in seconds

Image of a section of Usefulsign Application
Image of a section of Usefulsign Application

Secure, and Legally Binding

UsefulSign, The UsefulPDF eSign software, uses enterprise-grade security and best practices to ensure your data is safe at rest and in transit. Electronic signature requests are sent via certified email, an audit trail is created, and each signed PDF document is stamped with an electronic fingerprint to ensure validity. It’s compliant with major regulations such as eIDAS, ESIGN, PCI DSS, GDPR, and many more.

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Set Signing Order

If you need certain parties to eSign PDF documents first, we’ve got you covered. Set order of signing and send the right people emails first. After they’ve signed, UsefulSign will automatically send a certified email to the next person until all parties have signed the document

Image of a section of Usefulsign Application
Image of a section of Usefulsign Application

Track signing progress

Always be in the loop about how far the signing process has gone. Log in to your dashboard and see who’s signed, who’s opened, and when it happened. You’ll have a birds-eye view of overall progress and can nudge the people who need it. You also get helpful status markers which include

Completion percentage
Waiting for final approval

Certified Email Audit Trail

It’s just like certified mail except faster, cheaper, and easier for everyone. Access an audit trail containing important information that’s admissible in court just in case the electronically signed document is ever challenged. It shows you the IP address of signers, time of action, date of the action, and also tracks

When the email was sent to the recipient(s)
When the email was opened by recipient(s)
When the document was opened by recipient(s)
When the recipients signed
Image of a section of Usefulsign Application
Image of a section of Usefulsign Application

Central view of all documents and statuses

Get a birds-eye view of which documents are completed, which ones are pending, and where you need to take action. Filter by the most relevant view to further save yourself time and focus on what matters.

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Team and role management

Invite as many team members as you need and set different permission levels to control what they have access to

Image of a section of Usefulsign Application
Image of a section of Usefulsign Application

Multiple Signature Styles

Set the default electronic signature tied to your account during the setup process by choosing from multiple signature styles, uploading your signature, or drawing with a mouse or trackpad

Unlimited Signers

Whether you need two signatures or a hundred signatures, you can set all the recipients in UsefulSign. Our electronic signature software will take care of the rest, and you’ll get a completed document sooner than you imagined

Multiple fields

Signatures aren’t the only thing documents need. Create multiple fields like signature, date, email, etc. to meet your unique needs.

Personalize your email templates

Inject the personality of your brand into each of the emails that your signers interact with. Replace all the default text with your own so your customers and users know the sign request is coming from you.

Image of a section of Usefulsign Application
Image of a section of Usefulsign Application

Redirect to a custom URL

Set a custom URL that signers are directed to after signing your document. You can send them to a thank-you page, deliver instructions on the next steps, or even take them to your billing page to continue the conversion.

Streamline deal flow and get contracts signed faster

Whether you need company-wide templates or personal templates, you can create and save them for anyone to access. Empower your entire organization with the right documents at their fingertips

Forget incomplete signatures

Guided signing ensures that all necessary signature fields are completed, and you don’t have to chase people up after the fact. No more missing fields, blank pages, and double work. It’s an easy win for everyone involved

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How to eSign PDF documents online

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Electronic Signature Use Cases


Create a seamless experience for signing or updating policies and increase conversion rates

Real estate

Spin up contracts and get them signed in record time to reduce closing times

Legal terms

Create any type of contract and ditch the fax machine while ensuring the security of your documents

Tech companies

Integrate our signing tools with your current tech stack while pushing revenue up and to the right


What is an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is a digitized form of the traditional signature. A traditional signature is any unique sign, symbol, or marking that is used to identify someone. These signatures, both digital and electronic can be used to ratify agreements and provide consent in a wide variety of situations.

Can we use UsefulSign for free?

Yes. You can register for an account with UsefulSign for free and start sending out sign requests immediately.

Are the signatures created with UsefulSign legally binding?

Yes. UsefulSign is compliant with the prevalent electronic signature laws which include but aren’t limited to the ESIGN Act, and eIDAS. Additionally, each signed document comes with an audit trail that records important information such as the IP address of the device, time stamp, and the signer that took a particular action

Is there a difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

There are multiple types of electronic signatures and a digital signature is one of them. A digital signature is an electronic signature with more stringent requirements around signer authentication. It uses what’s known as public key infrastructure and certificate-based identification methods.

Are my signatures secure with UsefulSign?

UsefulSign takes your electronic signature security seriously. We use bank-grade encryption practices for all data we interact with both at rest and in transit. Our partners are also stringently vetted on a regular basis to ensure our entire ecosystem is locked down. You can be confident when you’re sending out sign requests to your customers and clients.