Wyoming Deed Forms

Wyoming deed forms are documents used to transfer real estate properties in Wyoming from the grantor (seller) to the grantee (buyer). There are three types of deed forms, and the kind used per situation is determined by how much guarantee the seller gives the buyer. While one type of deed offers the grantee a guarantee of the cleanness of the title, another type offers no guarantees. Still, all deeds must be signed before a notary public and filed in the county recorder’s office. 

Wyoming deed template

Wyoming Deed Forms

Statutes - Title 34 (Property), Chapters 1 and 2

Recording (W.S. 1977 § 34-1-118) - All deeds are to be documented at the Recorder's Office which is normally equivalent to the County Clerk's Office in many areas.

Signature (W.S. 1977 § 34-1-113) - Required to be endorsed by the grantor(s) within the sight of a Notary Public.

Articulation of Consideration (W.S. 1977 § 34-1-142) - Must be connected to any deed recorded in the State of Wyoming.

Types of Wyoming deeds

General Warranty - To move property with the assurance of the Grantee acquiring clean title without imperfection.

Quitclaim - Implies that the Grantor possesses the property and permits the exchange of responsibility for interest in the property. This kind of deed ensures nothing, not even that the Grantor claims the property. Thus this kind of deed contains the most noteworthy danger.

Special Warranty - Conditional assurance by the Grantor that there have been no title deserts during their experience as proprietor of the property.

Wyoming Asset Enquiry

To compose a deed you should get the legal description of the property. This can be found by doing a property search through the county and observing the Property Card. This card will have all the data about the land including Tax Map/Lot Numbers, Deed Book and Page Numbers, and a Parcel ID Number (if any).

Stage 1 - Visit this website and pick the county the property is situated in.

Stage 2 - After choosing your county you will need to tap on either an Assessor or Recorder interface that peruses 'Go to Online Data'.

Stage 3 - After choosing you will want to do a search using the grantor's name, property address, and some other organization the county offers. In the wake of making your determination, you will be furnished with a rundown of matching properties.

Stage 4 - On the property card, you will want to track down all the essential lawful data for entering your legal description into the deed, like Deed Book and Page Numbers, Document Numbers, and some other portrayals.

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