Washington Deed Form

The Washington deed refers to documents utilized to convey a property’s proprietorship from a vendor (grantor) to a purchaser (grantee) in Washington. This document is normally finished after a sales and purchase arrangement has been approved and a deed conveys the real property. In this way, all-cash that was settled upon ought to be exchanged at the hour of rent approval. 

Washington deed template

Washington Deed Form

Cover Sheet – This is needed to be set as the first page of the deed before submission at the Office of the Recorder.

Laws – Title 64, Chapter 64.04 – Conveyances 

Recording (RCW 65.08.070) – All deeds should be conveyed and documented at the Office of the Recorder in County (Peruse List of Counties) where the property can be located.

Signing (RCW 64.04.020) – All deeds should be signed by the grantor(s) with a public legal (notary) official present. 

Types of Deed

General Warranty This type of deed gives undisputed ownership to the Grantee. This document offers protection to the new proprietor from the Grantor as well as past proprietors of the property. 

QuitclaimThis deed grants only the transfer of an individual's claims in property, not ensuring they or any other person, might have a claim to the property. 

Special WarrantyThis type of deed grants assurance to the new proprietor that the property was free from any defects on the title or claim at the time the Grantor had ownership of the said property. 

Washington Property Search 

While finishing a deed it is necessary that the document should include a legal description of the property. This is characterized by an ID number in the property ID number that is normally referred to as the tax map and lot numbers. Also, the page and book numbers of the deed ought to be incorporated. The property’s postage information is normally not needed. 

1. The first thing to do is to visit this website.

2. For demonstration purposes, Okanogan County will be utilized. When the link to your preferred County is clicked, you will be diverted to a page. The next thing to do is to click the link which indicates “Go to Data Online” to enter the Office of the Assessor. After that, you will be diverted to a new page where you will be able to search the property. 

3. Normally each county has the choice for the individual that wants to search to use the property’s location, name of the proprietor, or ID. In Okanogan, it also uses number of parcel, name, map number, wild card entries, and situs. 

The most widely recognized and least demanding way to query property is by utilizing the name of the proprietor or grantor 

4. After the property you are searching for has been found, you will get a property card.. This will enable you to get the lawful portrayal of the property and make use of it to execute your deed. What you need to get is: 

  • Description of the property

  • The ID of the Parcel – It is often called the Lot Numbers or Tax Map 

  • Page and Book Numbers of the Deed

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