Virginia Deed Forms

The Virginia deed form is utilized to pass on the property (real estate) when a covenant and terms for payment have been set up. The seller(s) (grantor) will normally be paid the consideration amount by the purchaser(s) (grantee) at a gathering called a “closing” and subsequently, the deed is recorded at the Circuit Clerk’s office. There is a documentation charge regulated by the Clerk (varies by area). When this has been handled, the real estate becomes the property of the new proprietor. 

Virginia deed template

Virginia Deed Forms

Laws –  Title 55. Property and Conveyances 

Recording –  The deeds should be documented at the Circuit Court Clerk’s office. 

Signing (§ 55-106) – The deeds should be signed within the sight of a public legal (notary) official or in the presence of two observers during the time this form was executed by the grantor(s).

Types of Deeds

General Warranty This is a deed in which the property that is moved is solely owned by the proprietor and which has no other claims. 

QuitclaimThis is a deed in which the property’s proprietor is only putting up for sales their claims or interests in the said property. It does not give a guarantee that the proprietor is either the sole or partial proprietor of the property. It guarantees no title.

Special WarrantyThis deed is a blend of the general warranty deed and the quitclaim Deed and, it gives a little assurance which is solely characterized by the individuals. 

Virginia Property Search

1. For a property query to be conducted In Virginia to get its details, first, the website should be visited and the county where the property can be found should be appropriately selected. 

2. To demonstrate accordingly, Fairfax county will be used. You will be redirected to a segment where you will be able to choose the kind of details you want to get, ensuring that the link “Go to Data Online” is clicked. 

3. When you have clicked all the disclaimers for you to gain access to the public details you want, then the search can start. Counties in Virginia such as Fairfax permit you to choose the name of the grantor (which is the easiest). Although you may likewise search by Tax ID/Map or location of the parcel.

4.After selecting your choice, the results of the query will be displayed and afterward you will be able to have the option to carry out the assembling of the details/data supplied by the County. You might utilize this data to execute the deed.

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