South Carolina Quitclaim Deed Form

The South Carolina quitclaim deed is a legal document that allows parties to pass ownership of, interest in, as well as proprietorship of real estate. It allows the grantor to pass ownership interest to a grantee without a guarantee of the ownership interest being passed. As soon as this document is signed by the grantor, it should be authenticated and signed by a legal (notary) official. Afterward, it should be supplied to the Registry of Deeds in South Carolina which serves the county wherein the real estate can be found.

South Carolina quitclaim deed template

South Carolina Quitclaim Deed Form

Laws related to South Carolina quitclaim deed

Recording (Code 1976 § 30-7-10)The deeds should be documented at the Office of the Recorder of Deeds in the county.

Signing (Code 1976 § 30-5-30)In South Carolina, a quitclaim deed is needs the signature of the grantor and should be witnessed by two people and a notary public. The notary public may also serve as one of the witnesses.

Statute – Code 1976 § 27-7-20

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