South Carolina Deed Forms

The South Carolina deed is a document that permits an entity or individual to move all proprietorship privileges and title in a property to another individual. The deed addresses recording under the composed agreement between the vendor and the purchaser (grantor and grantee as it is named individually) expressing the stipulated amount (consideration) paid, alongside a legal description of the property which ought to incorporate the ID of the parcel (as given by the Office of the Assessor in the County) and the references of the past Book and Page of Deed concerning the last transaction of the property.

South Carolina deed template

South Carolina Deed Forms

Laws – Title 27. Property and Conveyances 

Recording (Code 1976 § 30-7-10) – The deeds should be documented at the Office of the Recorders in the County where the property is located.

Signing (Code 1976 § 27-7-10) – All deeds should be signed within the sight of no less than two observers with a public legal (notary) official present. The legal (Notary) official may be used as a witness. 

Types of Deed

General Warranty This kind of deed gives a guarantee from the grantor to the grantee that there are no other interests in the property and in case there were, the grantor would take full responsibility and defend the grantee against them. 

Quitclaim This kind of deed gives no guarantee. The purchaser is buying any property interest the grantor has in which could go from a full interest to no interest. 

Special Warranty This sort of deed is utilized when the grantor just needs to ensure what happened while the individual in question (grantor) owns the property – not what occurred previously. It is a restricted guarantee.

South Carolina Property Search 

For a deed to be filed in South Carolina the individual that prepared the deed should search for the details on the property for him or her to be able to compose a legal description alongside confirming the grantor. The guidelines underneath can assist with searching all details about a specific piece of property (real estate): 

1. Firstly, this website should be visited and the county where the property can be found should be clicked. (To demonstrate, Greenville County will be utilized) 

2. When you have chosen your preferred county, you will have the choice of what office to choose. Note that the recording details of the county should always be selected as it provides the most suitable and correct information that can be utilized when executing your deed. 

3. When you have finished selecting all the required disclaimers needed to peruse the public data, the search can begin by using any of the following: 

  • Name(s) of the Grantor(s) – Most well known 

  • Number of Instrument

  • Page/Book 

  • Lawful Portrayal 

4. After the search has been duly performed, the results that match your search will be displayed. Assuming that the search results are much then you can return and narrow down your choice. 

To get to the data the Instrument number (which is in blue) should be duly clicked and this will enable you to recover all the data on the property.

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