Rhode Island Deed Form

The Rhode Island deed is a document that permits the conveyance of property proprietorship from a vendor (known as a grantor) to a purchaser (known as a grantee) for a sum of money (also called consideration). These should be documented in each district at the Office of the Deed Recorder (or the office of Records of Land).

Rhode Island deed template

Rhode Island Deed Form

Laws – § 34-11-12

Recording – The deeds should be documented at the town or city wherein the real estate can be found. 

Signing (§ 34-11-1.1) – The deeds should be signed and in the presence of a public legal (notary) official and acknowledged before being recorded. 

Types of Deeds 

General Warranty This kind of deed moves property from the vendor to the purchaser with a guarantee from the vendor ensuring that the vendor has the jurisdiction to sell the property and that there are no other pending cases or claims against the property.

Quitclaim A quitclaim is a deed that likewise passes on the property from one individual to another, however without a guarantee. A purchaser is fundamentally purchasing whatever the vendor has, regardless of whether the property has a complete interest or not.

Special Warranty This sort of deed is utilized when the grantor just needs to ensure what happened while the individual in question (grantor) owns the property – not what occurred previously. It is a restricted guarantee.

Rhode-Island Property Search 

When you want to purchase a property, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the status of the title. You will want to know if you will have absolute ownership of the property after you purchase. In Rhode Island, records of property can be looked for by utilizing the Office of the Recorder in the towns or city the property is located (most of the towns allow access to an online search portal). You can search by inputting the proprietor of the property's last name or the number of the page or book. 

1. Firstly, the website should be visited the town or city where the property can be found should be selected. The link that is titled “Land Evidence Records'' should be clicked (For this purpose, the City of Providence will be utilized). 

2. The proprietor’s first name, as well as his or her last name, should be input (it is ok in case you only know the last name). After inputting the required information, the button that has “Search” should be clicked. 

3.When the information has been supplied and your search submitted, the details of the property that matches what you searched for will be displayed on the left side of the website. The property you are searching for should be clicked. After clicking, the complete information of the property you are searching for will be accessible for your perusal.

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