Pennsylvania General Warranty Deed Form

The Pennsylvania general warranty deed refers to a deed that is secured and utilized to pass on ownership and interest of a grantor in real estate (property). When used, it confers a general guarantee to the grantor. When finished and appropriately carried out, the deed should be documented by recording it at the Office of the Registry of Deeds in the county where the property is located. To facilitate garnishing acceptance upon recording the real estate instrument, the register has developed a guide.

Pennsylvania general warranty deed template

Pennsylvania General Warranty Deed Form

Laws – Title 21, Chapter 1 General Provisions and Deeds

Certificate of Residency – (Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word) Should be appended to the Warranty Deed. 

Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value – (Form REV-183 EX) (61 Pa. Code 91.112) Must be appended to the Warranty Deed. 

Statutory Form – (21 P.S. 1, 5) Should have the particular declaration, “will warrant commonly the property thusly passed on”. 

Recording – (21 P.S. 351) Should be documented with the Office of the Recorder in the County (Peruse List of County). 

Signing – (21 P.S. 42) Should be signed in the presence of a notary public as well as the grantor(s).

Instructions to Write 

1. The name of the party this form would be sent to after it is completed should first be recorded.

2. The address of the tax should then be included.

3. The complete name, as well as the residential location of merchant (grantor) and purchaser (grantee), should be correctly inserted.

4. The area wherein the real estate can be found should be filled. 

5. The legal description of real estate should be filled.

6. The stipulated sum of money that will be paid should be duly added.

7. It should be duly specified if there are any easements and restrictions. 

8. The form should then be signed and dated with a legal (notary) official present and the official should appropriately endorse it.

9.The form should be duly recorded at the clerk’s office found in the county where the property is located.

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