Pennsylvania Deed Forms

The Pennsylvania deed acts as a document used to convey the proprietorship of a property from an individual (known as the grantor) to another (known as the grantee). It is a basic form that contains just one or two pages that essentially contains a price that is set, which is called the “Consideration”, the individuals’ complete names, and the property’s legal description. 

Pennsylvania deed template

Pennsylvania Deed Forms

A Pennsylvania deed needs to be endorsed by a notary public or other legal official and the grantor alone must sign. The grantee is to sign the Residency Certificate. On the completion of the deed, it should then be documented with the Office of the Recorder in the area where the property is located. 

Certificate of Residency – This form is needed to be finished and legally approved by the grantee(s), otherwise called the purchaser.

Laws – Title 21 > Chapter 1 (General Provisions and Deeds) 

Realty Transfer Tax Statement of Value (Form REV-183 EX) – Should be appended to the deed

Recording (21 P.S. 351) – All the deeds are to be documented with the Office of the Recorder in the county where the property is located. There is typically a charge related to the documentation so it is ideal to phone the appropriate office or you can bring a check that is blank.

Signing (21 P.S. 42) – All deeds need to be recognized by a party approved to authenticate the form and the grantors. 

Types of Deed

General Warranty This kind of deed gives a guarantee from the grantor to the grantee that there are no other interests in the property and in case there were, the grantor would take full responsibility and defend the grantee against them. 

Quitclaim This kind of deed gives no guarantee. The purchaser is buying any property interest the grantor has in which could go from a full interest to no interest. 

Special Warranty This sort of deed is utilized when the grantor just needs to ensure what happened while the individual in question (grantor) owns the property – not what occurred previously. It is a restricted guarantee.

Pennsylvania Property Search 

The reason for carrying out a query of property is to acquire the vital details needed to compose a lawful depiction for the said property. Pennsylvania necessitates that the Identifier of the uniform property be written. 

1. Carry out a search for real estate in Pennsylvania by visiting this website choosing the area the property can be found. 

2. When the particular link for the specific county has been clicked, (utilizing Lycoming for instance) it will provide you with choices on the best way to search for real estate. 

In the case of Lycoming County, the link that can be considered as the best is by clicking on the area that has “Go to Data Online” that can be found in the second row which is adjacent to the Deeds’ Recorder 

3. On the page of Land Records in Pennsylvania you can decide to either enter the Grantor’s name  (proprietor) or the number of the Document or Book. Thereafter you can likewise input details that are advanced and afterward the “Search” button which is found underneath the page should be duly clicked. 

4.After that, you will be taken to the list that matches the details of the property which can be seen when the name of the proprietor is clicked.

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