Oklahoma Deed Forms

An Oklahoma deed is an authoritative document that can be utilized to move interests in genuine property, or land and structures, from one party to another. Deeds must identify the seller (grantor) and the buyer (grantee), include a legal description of the property, and a legal official affirmation. There are various types of deeds relying upon the reason and utilization of the record. 

Oklahoma deed template

Oklahoma Deed Forms

A general warranty guarantee and special warranty incorporate a guarantee of the grantor to the grantee. A quitclaim accompanies no such guarantee and is utilized in explicit conditions where such a guarantee isn't required. To decide precisely what interest the buyer is getting, have a title (property) search done before committing to purchase the said property.

Laws – Title 16 (Conveyances) 

Recording (16 Okl. St. Ann. § 16) – All deeds are to be documented in the particular County Clerk's Office where the property is found. 

Signature requirements (16 Okl. St. Ann. § 26) – All deeds that are to be recorded in the State of Oklahoma need to be signed in the presence of a notary public. 

Types of Deeds 

General Warranty – Comes with a guarantee from the grantor that the property the person in question is selling is liberated regarding any cases or interests in the property and that the grantor has the full legitimate power and right to offer the property to the grantee. 

Quitclaim – Does exclude a guarantee. the merchant is simply delivering whatever guarantee he may (or may not) need to the property. 

Special Warranty – Comes with a restricted guarantee. the grantor possibly warrants the title for when the grantor possessed the property, however, warrants nothing that occurred before the grantor purchased the property. 

Oklahoma Property Search 

In Oklahoma, property records are kept at the Registrar of Deeds at the county clerk’s office. When buying property and you need to be certain what you are getting, have a title search finished. A few areas have a web-based search functionality but not all of them. The following is an illustration of how to begin an internet-based pursuit on Oklahoma County: 

Stage 1 – Go to the Registrar of Deeds site. 

Stage 2 – Read the information and afterward click on "OKCC.ONLINE." 

Stage 3 – Select the "Pole" button to continue with the hunt. 

Stage 4 – Enter the name of the grantor in the most readily accessible field. You will then need to utilize the remaining options to refine your search.  You are searching for the deed that transferred the property to the grantor.  Select "Search" to continue. 

Stage 5 – Once you have observed the deed you are searching for, you will check it to ensure the depiction of the property is similar. Also, you will require the name of the grantor on that deed to look as the grantee. You will proceed as such until you have gone back fifty years to check. 

Stage 6 – The subsequent stage is to look "forward" beginning with the grantor of the primary deed from 50 years prior and do a search on every grantor going ahead to decide if the person conceded interests to the property, for example, easements or home loans. Ensure such allowed interests are settled and assessed.

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