North Dakota Deed Forms

 North Dakota deeds are legal documents used to transfer real estate. Among the contents of a deed are the names of the grantor (who is selling the property) and the grantee (who is buying it), the amount of the consideration paid for the property, and its legal description. Typically, deeds are filed with the county recorder’s office in the county in which the property is situated. Depending on the situation, a title warranty may or may not be included with the deed. A title search should be performed before buying a property to ensure that the title is free from liens.  

North Dakota deed template

North Dakota Deed Forms

Laws – Title 47 (Property), Chapters 47-10 and 47-19 

Recording (NDCC, 47-19-07) – All deeds ought to be documented with the County Recorder's Office in the ward of the property. 

Signature requirements (NDCC, 47-19-03) – All deeds should be duly signed by the grantor(s) in the presence of a notary public. 

Types of Deeds

General Warranty – Comes with a guarantee or assurance from the merchant that the property is liberated from any cases and in issues relating to the title were to emerge, the grantor would be obligated to the purchaser (grantee) to shield against such a case. 

Quitclaim – Does not accompany any guarantee or assurance as to title. The buyer is only purchasing whatever interest the grantor ("seller") has in the property, regardless of whether it be a full, clear title, or no title. 

Special Warranty – Like the overall guarantee, accompanies an assurance from the grantor, yet it is restricted to the period during which the grantor claimed the property. The grantor ensures that the person has not successfully hampered the property during the time the individual in question possessed it.

North Dakota Property Search 

In North Dakota, property records are situated with the County Recorder. You can go to the recorder's office to look through archives or you can turn into a supporter of this State-Wide Site to look through records. In all inquiries, regardless of whether on the web, or face to face, you ought to follow the accompanying advances: 

Stage 1 – Go to this page and hit 'Enter' on the disclaimer. 

Stage 2 – If this is your first time utilizing the site, you should tap on the 'New User Registration' connect on the lower part of the page. 

Stage 3 – Create a new username and add your profile details. 

Stage 4 – Accept the Terms and Conditions by looking at the lower part of the page and clicking the 'Acknowledge' button. 

Stage 5 – On the following page you will be asked to subscribe to the service which comes with a monthly fee of $25 as of this writing. 

Stage 6 – After accepting and paying using a credit or debit card, you now have access to the database available through the website. Click the document search option at the top left of the page.

Stage 7 - After choosing the county in which the property is located, you will need to enter the property information in order to run the search.

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