New York General Warranty Deed (With Covenants) Form

Real estate in New York is legally transferred between people using a New York general warranty deed. There is a warranty clause in the guarantee deeds, under which the seller guarantees that the property is free from title defects and that he or she is authorized to sell it. The grantor and grantee of a New York deed must be identified and named, as well as have the deed notarized before it can be recorded with the county recorder in whose county the property resides.

New York general warranty deed

New York General Warranty Deed (With Covenants) Form

Laws Title 70 (Property), Chapters 20 and 21 

Step by step guide to Write a New York general warranty deed

Stage 1: Fill in the name and address of whom the deed ought to be returned to after it has been recorded by the county clerk. 

Stage 2: Enter the name and address of the grantor and also include the marital status of the grantor. 

Stage 3: Include the amount of consideration paid for the property. 

Stage 4: Write the grantee's name and their address. 

Stage 5: Check the box indicating how the grantee plans to take ownership of the property.  

Stage 6: In the spaces given, enter the depiction of the property being bought, including the road address, the recording data, and the legal description. The legal description can be found on the prior deed. 

Stage 7: Indicate if there are any easements or limits that go with the property. 

Stage 8: Include any relevant recording data from the previous deed. 

Stage 9: Sign and date the completed document in the presence of a notary public and have them sign and authorize it as well. 

According to R.P.P. Law 9-333.3, all movements, barring deeds of oil and gas or mineral privileges, require a Real Property Transfer Report. Use Form RP-5217-NYC for genuine property moves inside the five districts of New York City, and use Form RP-5217 for genuine property moves in any remaining areas. Contact the nearby region assistant's office to affirm the particular area's necessities.

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