New York Deed Form

Using a New York deed, you can legally transfer real estate in New York. The deeds will identify the seller (grantor) and the buyer (grantee as well as give a description of the property (including the legal description). There’s also a space to indicate who will be mailed the deed after it has been signed and recorded. Records of deeds are maintained by the Register of Deeds in the county where the property is situated in New York.

New York deed

New York Deed Form

While there are different types of deeds, all of them should have a property or title search done prior to purchase. This will protect the grantee and even the grantor from any liability down the road. 

Kinds of New York deeds

General Warranty – Used to move land from a grantor to a grantee with the grantor likewise giving an assurance that the person has clear title to the property and the lawful power to sell it.

Quitclaim – Used to pass on the property from a grantor to a grantee, however it accompanies no assurance that the grantor possesses the property or has the lawful position to sell it.

Special Warranty – Similar to a guarantee deed in that it accompanies an assurance from the merchant to the purchaser, in any case, the dealer just warrants that the individual in question has not moved any interest in the property while the person claimed it.

New York Property Search

To learn whether or not a grantor has clear title to the property the person is selling, have a title or property search completed. The process involves researching any title transfers associated with the property going back the last 40 - 50 years. You would commonly begin by returning to the transfer of the property to the grantor and then the transfer to the grantor before them. Continue this process until you have gone back 50 years. Some properties will only have a few transfers while others may have dozens. Once you’ve itemized all the transfers on the property, check to make sure that there are no outstanding encumbrances.

Step 1 - Go to this website

Step 2 - Select the county where the property you’re interested in is located and that will load a new webpage

Step 3 - On the page that loads, you’ll want to click on the option ‘Search Property Records’

Step 4 - On the next page, there are multiple options to search for the property such as the grantor name, parcel ID, document ID, and a few others. The one you choose will depend on the information you have at hand but any of them will give you the result you’re looking for. 

Step 5 - After initiating the search, all the relevant information will be loaded on the page. From there, click the link at the left of the page next to the property you’re interested in and the title information will be displayed.

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