New Hampshire Deed Forms

Using a New Hampshire deed, you can legally transfer real estate in New Hampshire. Besides identifying the grantor (seller) and grantee (buyer), the deed must describe the property and indicate who should receive the deed after recording. Records of deeds are maintained by the Register of Deeds in the county where the property is situated in New Hampshire. An accurate land record search is crucial when purchasing a property. 

New Hampshire deed template

New Hampshire Deed Forms

Laws – Title XLVIII, Chapter 477 – Conveyances of Realty and Interests Therein 

Recording (N.H. Fire up. Detail. § 477:3-a) – All deeds are to be submitted to the particular County Registry of Deeds Office. 

Signature Requirements (N.H. Fire up. Detail. § 477:3) – All deed types are needed to be endorsed within the sight of a legal (notary) official. 

Types of Deeds 

General Warranty – Legal structure that moves property and incorporates a guarantee that the merchant has the power to move the property and that the individual is moving an unmistakable title, liberated from some other interests. 

Quitclaim – Used to pass on the property from a grantor to a grantee and accompanies a contract from the grantor that there are no undisclosed interests that could emerge under the grantor's responsibility for the property, notwithstanding, it doesn't ensure any cases which could emerge from past proprietors. 

Special Warranty – Transfers property starting with one then onto the next, yet it doesn't accompany a guarantee regarding the grantor's power to sell or concerning whether or not the title is clear. 

New Hampshire Property Search 

In New Hampshire, every district has a library of deeds for properties that are in the given county. You can go to the library to go through an inquiry of title transfers of your property, or you can verify whether your region offers online administrations. In instances of online administrations, you might have to acquire a membership and pay subscription charges to an external supplier or the library itself. The following is an instance of starting pursuit in Hillsborough County – different districts will be comparative. 

Stage 1 – Go to the county registry of deeds site to track down your area: 

Stage 2 – Click on your province and you will be brought to the Registry Website For Your County: 

 Stage 3 – You have two choices accessible, to look, either with "Tapestry" which is another provider that charges for each search and each report you print, or with the registry of deeds which additionally charges you to print archives. Click "Search County Records" on the left-hand segment and you will be brought to a page where you need to peruse and acknowledge the disclaimer that appears. 

Stage 4 – Once you acknowledge the disclaimer, you will be brought to a search page – assuming you are not brought to an inquiry page, read the investigating tips – you might have to utilize an alternate program. 

Stage 5 – You will require the name of the grantor to look and the name of the town to limit it down. To print reports, you will require a login from the registry.

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