Nebraska Quitclaim Deed Form

A Nebraska quitclaim deed enables the sale or transfer of real estate (property) between two parties, usually known as the grantor and grantee. This type of deed differs from a warranty deed in that there is no guarantee of ownership by the grantor. This only transfers the grantor's interest in the property, which may include all rights, titles, and interest in the property or none at all. Deeds of this type are commonly used by family members or entities related by blood or marriage or businesses.  

Nebraska quitclaim deed template

Nebraska Quitclaim Deed Form

 A trained professional ought to be consulted prior to making a payment in unfamiliar circumstances. It’s also essential that a full title search be performed to better understand the extent of the grantor’s ownership interest. 


Land Transfer Statement (Form 521) – Required if the deed is to be recorded. 

Recording (Neb. Fire up. St. § 76-238) – Must be archived in the County Recorder's Office in the county where the property is found (See County List). 

Signature Requirements  (NRS 76-211) – All quitclaim deeds in Nebraska must be signed by the grantor and acknowledged by a notary public before they’re considered valid. r

Statutes – NRS 23-1510

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