Missouri Deed Form

Deeds in Missouri transfer ownership of real estate between individuals. Each type of deed has its specific uses and applications. The title to some deeds is guaranteed. However, a quitclaim comes without any guarantee. To ensure a clear title, you should conduct a thorough title search before you close on the property. Upon completion of the proper steps, you will be able to learn if any liens or encumbrances exist on the property. Upon notarization and execution of the deed, it is filed with the county recorder.  

Missouri deed form

Missouri Deed Form

Applicable Laws: Chapter 442. Real Estate Titles and Conveyance and RSMO 59.310 regarding deed formatting.   

Document recording (V.A.M.S. 442.400) County Recorder 

Requirement for signatures (V.A.M.S. 442.130) Notaries is required to examine the signature(s) of the Grantor(s) on any deed filed in Missouri.

Types of Missouri Deeds

General Warranty: A General warranty transfers property from a grantor (seller) to a grantee (buyer), but the grantor guarantees that the property is free of liens and that it is entitled to be sold. 

Quitclaim: Missouri property can also be transferred with a quitclaim deed. However, in this type of deed, no guarantee can be given as to what interest a person may have in the property.

Special Warranty: The guarantee that a special warranty offers is not as broad as a general warranty, but it is tailored to the grantor's ownership rights.

Missouri Property Search 

In Missouri, each area has a recorder of deeds that stays aware of the land records in the locale. You can go directly to the work environment to go through the records related to the property you wish to purchase. In the other choice, a couple of districts have online request capacity. To find information about the land records in your locale, you can go to This Website to find area recorder information. Coming up next is a delineation of how to begin a pursuit in St. Louis County. Various areas may be remarkable, regardless, in all cases, you ought to have the grantors name to begin the chase. 

Stage 1: First go to the County Recorder of Deeds site and request a reference to glancing through land records. 

Stage 2: Click on the request association and you will be brought to This Page: 

Stage 3: In St. Louis County, you have access to a variety of options for searching. Other counties may not offer such options. It is required to subscribe and pay to use the searches in St. Louis County. There is also a search engine where you can find information about deeds, but not see them directly. Tapestry is recommended for non-bulk searches. To access This Page, click on the link.

Stage 4: Click on search now and you can glance through the spaces until you track down the area. 

Stage 5: Click on the area and enter the last name of the grantor. You will then, need to enter your Mastercard information to see the reports related to your request.

Download our free Missouri deed in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Missouri deed in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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