Missouri Deed Form

Deeds in Missouri transfer ownership of real estate between individuals. Each type of deed has its specific uses and applications. The title to some deeds is guaranteed. However, a quitclaim is granted without a guarantee. To ensure a title that’s free and clear, you should conduct a thorough title search before you close on the property. Upon completion of the proper steps, you can learn if any liens or encumbrances exist on the property. Upon notarization and execution of the deed, it’s submitted to the county recorder.  

Missouri deed form

Missouri Deed Form

Applicable Laws: Chapter 442. Real Estate Titles and Conveyance and RSMO 59.310 regarding deed formatting.   

Document recording (V.A.M.S. 442.400) County Recorder 

Requirement for signatures (V.A.M.S. 442.130) Notaries are necessary to examine the grantor’s signature on any deed filed in Missouri.

Types of Missouri Deeds

General Warranty: A General warranty transfers property, but the grantor guarantees the asset being sold free of liens and that it is entitled to be sold. This is the most common type of deed used.

Quitclaim: Missouri property is also transferred with a quitclaim deed. However, the deed only transfers the ownership interest of the grantor, if any, and doesn’t seek to guarantee against any claims, clients, etc.

Special Warranty: In this type of warranty, the grantor only stands in to secure the title over the length of time they’ve owned the property. They do not guarantee what may have happened before they came into possession. 

Missouri Property Search 

Missouri organizes affairs related to property deeds at the county level. The information can be found with the recorder of deeds in any county. Before purchasing a property, you can go to the recorder's office and go through the records to understand the status of the title on the real estate. 

Some counties, not all, allow you to access the information online. You can visit this site to get more information about accessing records for each county. Here’s an example of the process you may follow.  

Stage 1: First go to the County Recorder of Deeds site and look for the area that deals with searching land records. 

Stage 2: From there, use the search link and you’ll be taken to another page. 

Stage 3: At this point, you may encounter multiple options for your search and may even be required to pay a fee. It’s different for every county because some of them digitize their records slower than others. If you don’t need to search for records in bulk then select tapestry. 

Stage 4: Click on ‘search now’ and you can glance through the spaces until you track down the area you’re interested in. 

Stage 5: When you find the right county, type in the last name of the grantor and it’ll bring out related results. Click on the one you’re looking for and go through the information.

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