Illinois General Warranty Deed Form

An Illinois general warranty deed permits the passing on of property from one individual ("grantor") to another ("grantee"). Under the general warranty deed, the grantor represents that they are the true owners of the property and is guaranteeing the grantee against any claims that may arise in the future. If there are any issues, the grantor will defend the title for the grantee. Even though it’s a general warranty, a title search is still recommended for all grantees that are buying property

Illinois general warranty deed template

Illinois General Warranty Deed Form

Legislation related to deeds in Illinois

Laws – Property – (765 ILCS 5/) Transports Act 

Legal Structure – 765 ILCS 5/9 

Move Tax document (PTAX-203) – This structure may likewise be finished on the web. It should be finished and printed alongside the general warranty deed when documenting with the county recorder's office. 

Recording (765 ILCS 5/28) – All deeds in the Province of Illinois are to be documented with the District Recorder's Office (See Rundown). 

Marking (765 ILCS 5/20) – A notary public is needed to observe the mark (signature) of the merchant (the "Grantor") before it is recorded.

How to write an Illinois general warranty 

Stage 1 - Fill in the information of the person that’s preparing the deed. You may use their home address. If it’s a business then you may use the office address. 

Stage 2 - Fill in the name and address of the person that will receive the deed after it has been recorded by the county. 

Stage 3 – Include the name of the grantor in the at the top  alongside their town and area. 

Stage 4 – Fill in the dollar sum paid for the property - noted as consideration in some cases

Stage 5 – Include the details of the grantee including name and full address.  

Stage 6 – Incorporate the legitimate depiction of the property. This is typically found in the past deed. 

Stage 7 – Enter the record number and address of the property being sold. 

Stage 8 – Sign and date within the sight of a notary public. 

Stage 9 – The purchaser should ensure the first is recorded with the county recorder immediately.

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