Florida General Warranty Deed Form

Florida general warranty deeds are used to transfer property from a grantor to a grantee in Florida. When a property is transferred using this deed, the grantor provides a full warranty that he’s the legal owner of the property and has the right to convey the property.  Nevertheless, a title search is still advised before the deal is closed.

Florida general warranty deed template

Florida General Warranty Deed Form

Requirements For A Florida General Warranty Deed

  • The laws guiding a Florida General Warranty deed can be found here Chapter 689 – Conveyances of Land and Declarations of Trust (§§ 689.01 — 689.301).

  • The Property Appraisers Parcel Identification Number should be included in the property’s legal description. You can locate your local property appraiser here.

  • All deeds must be signed with two witnesses and a Notary Public. The Notary Public can also stand in as one of the witnesses (F.S.A. § 695.26).  

  • All deeds must be filed with the Clerk of the Circuit Court. It does come with a document recording fee which will need to be paid.

Writing A Florida General Warranty Deed 

  1. Identify the individual preparing the general warranty deed and include their business or home address. 

  2. In the second space, indicate who is to receive the deed after it has been recorded. 

  3. Document the property appraiser’s parcel ID number (you can get this from the county recorders office). 

  4. Fill in the transfer date. 

  5. Specify the grantor (seller) and the grantee (buyer). 

  6. Enter the address of the grantee. 

  7. Enter the properties consideration - that is the price the property was purchased for.  

  8. Fill in the county’s name and the property’s transfer year. 

  9. Sign the deed before a Notary Public and two witnesses. 

  10. The buyer should carry the original to record in the county recorder’s office.

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