Florida Deed Form

Florida deed forms are used in the buying and selling of properties in Florida. These deed forms come in different varieties depending on the circumstances surrounding the property transfer.  Before buying a property, the buyer must conduct a title search.  This title search enables the buyer to trace the title history of the property in question.  With a title search, the buyer can find out the property’s previous owners, if anyone else has a claim to the property, if there are any hidden liens or encumbrances tied to the property, and if there are any utility restrictions.

Florida deed template

Florida Deed Form

A buyer can conduct this search themselves or contract a title company to do so. Consider a title search cheap insurance when purchasing a property. Even if the seller gives a deed with a full guarantee, it’s still a good idea to ensure you’ve covered your bases. 

Requirements For Filling Florida Deed Forms 

Types of Deeds 

The types of deeds used in Florida are the general warranty deed, quitclaim deed, and special warranty deed.  

General Warranty Deed

The general warranty deed is used to transfer property from a seller to a buyer with a guarantee that the seller is the legal owner of the property and no other party has a claim to the property.  It also guarantees that the seller has the legal right to transfer the property. 


The seller uses the quitclaim deed to transfer whatever interest he may or may not have in the property to the buyer. It does not guarantee that the seller has any interest in the property. This sort of deed is best used when the two parties have explicit knowledge of the property’s title. 

Special Warranty

A seller uses a special warranty to transfer property to the buyer with a limited warranty. With this deed, the seller guarantees that he hasn’t transferred his interest in the property to anyone else. However, he doesn’t guarantee the property’s title from before he became its owner. Consequently, the seller won’t be held responsible for any encumbrances, transfers, or claims before owning the property. 

Conducting A Florida Property Search

Each county in Florida has a county recorder who oversees land records. Most counties have an online platform where you can search for the property’s title going back several years. If the title is older, you might have to conduct a manual search in the recorder’s office. 

To conduct an online search:

  1. Go to This Webpage and click on “Search Now.”

  2. Although it’s always better to have more information, you could begin your search with the property’s county and the seller’s name. On the page, you’re redirected to, enter the grantor’s name under “party name” and click the county the property is located in. 

  3. When you’ve found the information you need, tick the documents you need and click “Continue” on the payment page you’re redirected to. 

  4. Enter your payment information on the payment page and download the present deed. 

  5. From the present deed, you can get the name of the previous grantor. You will then repeat this process until you’ve found all the transfers for the last 50 years. Note that you’re not only looking for deeds. You’re also looking for other documents that could “encumber” the property, such as liens, assignments, and easements.

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