Arkansas Deed Form

Arkansas deed forms are used to transfer interest in real estate from one person to another. The property transfer statutes in Title 18, Chapter 12 (Conveyances) of the Arkansas Code provide both directions on conveying property and different methods through which property can be conveyed. The type of deed used is determined by the circumstances surrounding the transfer of property. Also, all deeds must be filed with the county recorder of the county where the property is located.

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Arkansas Deed Form

Types of Arkansas Deeds

There are three types of deeds used in Arkansas. They are General Warranty deed, QuitClaim deed, and Special warranty deed.
General Warranty Deed 

A general warranty deed is issued to transfer a property from a grantor to a grantee with the assurance that the grantor is the outright owner of the property and that no other person or entity has an interest in the property.


A quitclaim deed only transfers the grantor’s interest in the property. It doesn’t protect the buyer from third-party claims or interest. Hence, it is advised the buyer conducts a property search to ensure they understand the interest being conveyed.

Special Warranty Deed

This sort of deed offers a limited warranty on the property so that the property is transferred with restrictions or encumbrances and other forms of interest.

Requirements for Arkansas Deeds 

Arkansas Property Search

In Arkansas, the county clerks have a web-based system that you can use to conduct a title search for a fee. The buyer must conduct a title search to double-check the seller’s interest in the property they’re planning to buy. If you do not want to use the web system, you could visit the County Clerk’s office and conduct a manual search.

How  to conduct an Arkansas property search

The first step is to decide the means you want to conduct the property search, i.e., via the web or physically. If you choose to conduct it physically, you’ll have to visit the county clerk’s office where the property is located. Most counties use a Fee-Based Web Service for online searches. To find a property in Arkansas online, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to This webpage.

  2. Click on “Real Estate Records,” a list of counties will pop up. 

  3. Select the county that the property is located in.

  4. On the page you’re redirected to, click on “Real Estate Records.”

  5. Enter the real estate information and click “search.”

  6. When you click on the relevant property, you’ll be brought to a page containing the property’s information.

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