Arizona Deed Forms

Arizona deed forms are documents used to transfer real estate property in Arizona from the grantor (seller) to the grantee (buyer). There are four types of deed forms, and the kind used per situation is determined by how much guarantee the seller gives the buyer. While one type of deed offers the grantee a guarantee of the cleanness of the title, another type offers no guarantees. Still, all deeds must be signed before a notary public and filed in the county recorder’s office. 

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Arizona Deed Forms


  • All deeds must be processed according to Title 33, Chapter 4 (Conveyances and Deeds).

  • For record purposes, all deeds must be recorded in the County Recorder’s Office. The county the property is located will determine the recorder’s office where it will be filed  (§ 11-468)

  • The affidavit of property value is necessary for every conveyance of ownership. The only exception to this rule is when the property is transferred without money changing hands.

  •  A notary public must be present when any deed is signed (§ 33-401).

Types of Deeds

The major difference between the three types of deeds is the level of insurance they offer the buyer. The types of deeds are:

Trust Deed- this kind of deed is used when one party takes a loan from another party to purchase the property. It represents an agreement between the lender and borrower to have the property held in trust by a neutral party until the loan is paid off completely.

Special Warranty Deed (Conveyance deed) - a special warranty offers a Grantee warranty but only to the extent specified in the deed. This type of deed does not provide a warranty against claims before the Grantors’ tenure.

General Warranty Deed - this type of deed offers the most buyer protection. This deed guarantees the Grantor is the owner of the property. It also protects the buyer from any encumbrances and third-party claims. Any exceptions whatsoever are specified in the deed.

QuitClaim - A quitclaim deed transfers the seller’s interest to the buyer without offering any guarantee to the buyer that the seller is the actual owner of the property. 

Arizona Property Search

Doing a property search is a great way to find out if the title of the property you’re about to buy is clear or if other parties can claim an interest in it.  In Arizona, you can conduct a property search by visiting the recorder in the property’s county. Some counties can be accessed from the internet while others will require you to go there yourself.

To run a property search:

  • Locate the property’s county on This Website

  • Find the “Recorder’s Information” by clicking on the county website.

  • When you click on “recorded docs,” the recorder’s page will come up.

  • Type in the information you have on the property, e.g., the seller’s name, recording number

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