Alaska Special Warranty Deed Form

The Alaska special warranty deed is used to transfer property in Alaska with a limited warranty. Any restrictions on the warranty must be expressly stated in the deed. Also, if the grantor’s spouse has any interest in the property, they must convey their interest by signing the deed. The grantor must sign the document before a notary public, after which they will make a copy for themselves and give the original to the grantee.

Alaska special warranty deed

Alaska Special Warranty Deed Form

Writing A Special Warranty Deed Form 

An Alaska special warranty deed form has multiple moving pieces so use the instructions below to make sure you fill it out and append your signature correctly. Any mistakes may cause delays in recording or result in it being rejected outright. Both instances are less than ideal.

When writing  a special warranty deed form:

  1. Name of the preparer. This is the name of the person that has actually prepared the documents that will be executed. Their name and address should be included in full. IF they're working on behalf of a business to fill the documentation, their business address can be used.

  2. REcipient of the filed paperwork. After the Alaska special warranty deed has been filed, it will need to be returned. This is where the information of the person that'll receive the document should be indicated.

  3. Fill in the name and address of the grantors in the first two blank lines. Ensure that you add all the relevant grantors. A grantor is a person that is receiving payment for the property and is granting the deed to the person or entity making the payment.

  4. Indicate the Grantor’s marital status by checking the appropriate box. 

  5. Indicate the consideration in the space provided. In this instance, consideration is the amount paid for the property in question. Include the dollar amount

  6. Fill in the name and address of the Grantees. The grantee is the person or entity that is buying the property from the grantor.

  7. In the space provided, enter the address of the property in question. 

  8. Specify the deed recording information in the area provided. 

  9. Next, fill in the property’s legal description. You can get this from the previous deed. The legal description of property is not the same as the address so please take note of that.

  10. Specify any encumbrances and restrictions that come with the land.

  11. The Grantee and Grantor should sign the deed before a Notary Public. 

  12. After signing, the original should be given to the Grantee while the Grantor keeps a copy.

Download our free Alaska special warranty deed in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Alaska special warranty deed in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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