Alabama Deed Forms

Alabama deed forms are documents that permit a buyer (grantor) and the seller (grantee) to convey or transfer real estate interest and ownership. The title of the property and the transaction scenario will determine the kind of deed used. A grantor must sign deeds authorized in Alabama before a notary public, and two witnessed. Also, the Real Estate Sales Validation (Form RT-1) must be completed when recording the deed with the  County  Probate Judge's Office. See Title 35, Chapter 4 (Conveyances and Creation of Estates).

Alabama deed template

Alabama Deed Forms

Requirements For Alabama Deeds

  • The Real Estate Sales Validation (Form RT-1)(§ 40-22-1)  must be filed alongside every deed.

  • All deeds must be recorded in the County  Probate Judge's Office. See (§ 35-4-50).

  • Every deed must be signed before two witnesses or acknowledged by a notary public. See (§ 35-4-20)

Types Of Deeds

There are three types of deeds: General Warranty Deed, Quit Claim Deed, and Statutory (Special) Warranty Deed. The type of deed to use depends on the conditions surrounding the transfer of the property.

The General Warranty Deed is the most frequently used deed in real estate transfers. It offers the buyer complete protection since it guarantees the tile legally belongs to the seller, the seller has legal right to transfer the property, and no third party shall lay claim to the property.

The Quit Claim Deed offers no guarantee to the title. It is mainly used in situations where the buyer and seller are familiar with each other. 

The Statutory (Special) Warranty Deed conveys the title with a limited guarantee. Although the seller will make no claims to the property, the deed does not account for any issues that may arise from before the seller owned the property.

Alabama Property Search

  1. Select the property’s county from this webpage.

  2. From your selected county’s contact information, select  “visit county’s Online Record Search”.

  3. From the list of available search options, the page will display, click on “Deeds & Records”.

  4. From here, you can search via any of the following methods: 

  • Grantee or Grantor  Name (Last, First)

  • Partial name search

  • Page/Book/Extension number

  • Instrument number

  • Township/ Section/Date Range or

  • Subdivision

  1. Click on the result that aligns with your search.

  2. Clicking on the result will take you to a page where you can view all the information on the property. This includes Date Filed, Instrument Date, Instrument Number, Mineral Acres, Value, Book and Page, Grantee, Grantor, Remarks, Title Agency (Filed By), and descriptions

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