Employment criminal background check authorization form

An Employment criminal background check authorization consent form allows a third-party, such as an employer, to obtain information about an applicant's criminal records, if they are convicted of a crime, an ex-convict, or if they have a history of criminal conduct. As part of the consent and release, the releasor gives their full consent for any information discovered as a result of the background check to be held harmless.

Employment criminal background check authorization form template

Employment criminal background check authorization form


California - Civil Code 1786.22 is to be provided to any releasors dwelling in California or if the release is executed in California.

New York - Article 23A is to be distributed to all releasors living or in New York or if the consent form is executed in New York.

Fair Housing Act (Summary Guide) - Federal law to be given to all releasors.

Required to give a copy - In California, Minnesota, or Oklahoma the releasor is qualified for a free duplicate of their verification that is pulled.

Instructions to Get a Criminal Background Check

Stage 1 - Get Approval

The releasing party must provide you with their details and sign a release that grants you the right to view and obtain their criminal history record.

For the report to be processed, the releaser needs to supply the following details:

Complete Name - First, Last, and Other Names

Date of Birth

Last 4 Digits of the Social Security Number (SSN)

Driver's License Number - Including State

Address(es) - The Last 7 Years

Stage 2 - Choose a Background Check Service

There are no "free" record verifications, tragically. There are two (2) ways of running a record verification:

Through the State - Every State permits companies looking for new representatives to see official criminal history. The company will, for the most part, need to make a record and confirm its status with the Secretary of State alongside a little charge. This is the most reasonable choice as the state is more affordable than third-party services.

Through an independent provider  - If a company wants to promptly get the criminal history of a single person they can utilize services like HireRight.com or GoodHire.com. The costs range from $30 to $90 contingent upon how exhaustive a query the Company is looking for.

Stage 3 - Decide to Hire

Recruiting the Candidate - If you settle on employing the applicant then a compensation or installment each hour ($/Hour) should be examined sooner than later. After arranging the conditions of a work the employee ought to present their financial data through a Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

Dismissing the Candidate - If the competitor has been dismissed from the position you might have the option to inform them by phone or by giving a composed assertion through a Rejection Letter that expresses the thinking for the disavowal.

Download our free Employment criminal background check form in an instant to create a legally binding document.

Download our free Employment criminal background check form in an instant to create a legally binding document.

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