25+ Free Consent Form Templates & Samples

Consent forms are documents that give permission to an individual or entity to perform a specific activity or go about a specific event. By signing the form, it is an acknowledgment of the party giving consent that they understand what the activity entails. It’s commonly used in medical settings - especially when there is an invasive procedure so that the hospital or doctor will not be held liable in the case of complications developing. Even though it’s common in a medical setting, it’s also utilized in other areas such as creating videos, event management, field trips, etc. 

Categories of Consent templates

What is a Consent Form?

Whether you call it an informed consent form, written proof of consent, consent release form, or just plain consent form - it doesn’t change its function. It’s a document that empowers another individual or entity to perform a specific activity.

They have a broad range of applications and are often used in tandem with a release form. But, there’s a clear difference between the two. A consent form gives permission but does not release from liability but a release form protects the other party from liability. 

Use cases

As mentioned previously, consent forms have a wide range of applications in our personal and professional lives. 

Business consent forms 

There are many types of businesses in the world and many of them offer services that could potentially injure a client. For example, mountain biking, tattoo parlors, surfing lessons, etc. could all result in serious injury. 

Because of this, consent forms are essential for these types of businesses. Even when you’re about to hire an employee, there needs to be a consent form when running a criminal background check and or drug screening. To put it simply, there are many times when a business needs a consent form. 

Medical consent forms

As medicine as a whole advances, procedures become more complex and, in many cases, riskier. Because of this, doctors are required to share all the relevant information about a procedure such as the process, risks involved, potential alternatives, etc. If there is a slight chance the patient can be adversely affected by the procedure then the doctor will need to request that they sign a consent form beforehand.  

Education consent forms 

Unless you have children, you may not have realized how much consent the educational system requires from guardians. Everything from field trips to participation in certain types of classes requires that the parents consent to it beforehand. 

A little-known area that a parent has to consent to is the school’s disciplinary regulations. In addition to that, schools often seek consent before a child can access the internet. The level of required consent has increased in recent years which may be a reflection of shifting parenting styles or change in society as a whole. 

Just keep in mind that anything that can constitute a risk to a child may require consent beforehand. 

Entertainment consent forms

Entertainment is also an area that requires many consent forms to function properly. It’s not so much about risk as it is about copyrights. Models, actors, musicians, etc. are constantly signing consent forms which allow the person or organization that hired them to use content with them in it. 

Signing the consent form should be the last step in the process. Before that, a formal contract should be agreed upon so that the interest of everyone involved is clearly stated and protected. 

The consent agreement process 

Understand what kind of consent is needed 

In most cases, it’s not a good idea to give blanket consent to another individual or organization. The consent form should specifically state what kind of consent is being given. It’s also important to note that not all things require consent. 

For example, if you’re in the entertainment industry, you don’t need a consent form before you hire out studio space. That’s because you’re not giving the studio permission to use your work in any way, shape, or form. 

In a similar vein, if you go to a local drug store and get your blood pressure checked, there’s no need to sign a consent form. The risk is so minute that it almost doesn’t exist. If you’re not sure, contact an attorney to determine whether or not a consent form is necessary. 

Draft or get a consent form 

After deciding what kind of consent is needed, it’s time to draft the document. This is the easiest part. Our software application allows you to answer a few questions and have a rock-solid consent form generated automatically. It’s almost like magic. Depending on what kind of consent form you need, you can scroll up on this page, and go to that specific form and you’ll be taken care of. IF it’s not there, use the general consent form template and answer the questions so the right agreement can be created for you. Once you’ve generated the form, move on to the next step. 

Sign the consent form 

After you’ve prepared everything, go ahead and sign the consent form. Keep in mind that you should explain anything that the recipient doesn’t understand but, in the end, it’s their responsibility to make sure everything makes sense to them. If you’re the one signing a consent form then be sure to ask any questions that you may have.