Wyoming Bill of Sale

Wyoming bill of sale forms record the transfer of private property within the state. Bills of sale should include information on the purchaser and vendor, as well as a description of the goods being sold and the conditions of the sale. The document comes in handy when it comes to filing taxes.

Wyoming vehicle bill of sale

Wyoming Bill of Sale

Wyoming Bill of Sale Form types

Firearm bill of sale

A Wyoming firearm bill of sale is a legal form that documents the trading and lawful acquisition of a firearm between two private individuals in the state. This paperwork contains details on the firearm, the transfer of proprietorship, the vendor, and the purchaser. Even though there are no limits on handgun proprietorship or use, it needs to be notarized. At the absolute least, this would benefit both the vendor and the purchaser in terms of record-keeping, and it would provide an additional degree of protection to both individuals on numerous levels.

General bill of sale

A Wyoming general bill of sale is a form that proves two individuals or entities transacted private items in Wyoming. The document contains details on the item, the purchaser, the vendor, and the proprietorship transfer. The document is required to be notarized. 

Motor Vehicle bill of sale

A Wyoming motor vehicle bill of sale is a form that certifies that an automobile has been traded in the state. The bill of sale will include the vendor's and purchaser's contact details, a description of the car, and the conditions of the proprietorship change. This form can be utilized in the registration of a car or the filing of other sorts of applications. Bills of sale are used in a variety of ways depending on the county where the automobile purchaser lives.

Vessel bill of sale

A Wyoming vessel bill of sale is a legal form that marks the change of proprietorship of watercraft in the state. The bill of sale will include details about the purchaser and vendor, a description of the boat being sold, and the conditions of the proprietorship shift. This form will be needed for the registration of some vessels, and it may also be needed for other requests or permissions.

Forms for Automobile Documentation

  • Request for Certificate of Title and Inspection of VIN/HIN (MV-300A)

  • If you buy a secondhand vehicle in Wyoming, the former title is still valid.

  • A Bill of Sale 

  • An acceptable driver's license or state Identity card is required.

  • Evidence of present auto insurance that meets up with the minimum coverage criteria set by the state:

    • Twenty-five thousand US dollars for a physically injured individual in a clash

    • Fifty thousand US dollars for all physical injuries in a clash. 

    • Twenty thousand US dollars for the destruction of properties in a clash 

  • A Disclosure Statement for Odometers

  • A copy of the merchant's invoice if the automobile was acquired from a dealership.

  • A copy of a signed lease is required if the car is being leased instead of being bought.

  • A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required if the vendor or purchaser is represented by an agency.

  • All taxes and costs must be paid in full. The costs will differ based on which county the automobile is registered in. A fee calculator or schedule will be available from the municipal county treasurer's office.

Forms for Vessel Registration

  • a Watercraft Registration Form that has been completed

  • a contract of sale

  • Inspection and Certificate of Title Form for HIN

  • Evidence of an aquatic invasive species investigation at an approved site is required for vessels launching between March 1 and November 30.

  • Remittance of documentation costs specified on the registration form, as well as evidence of remittance of sales tax on the vessel in the purchaser's county of resid

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