West Virginia Bill of Sale

West Virginia bill of sale documents is legal paperwork that documents the transaction of private property in the state. Bills of sale should include the names of the purchaser and vendor, a description of the item being sold, and the conditions of the transaction. The documents should be kept for tax purposes and may be utilized in the documentation process in the future.

West Virginia bill of sale

West Virginia Bill of Sale

West Virginia Bill of Sale Form Types

Firearm bill of sale

A West Virginia gun bill of sale is a legal document that proves the transaction of a weapon in the state, usually between private individuals or entities. The document includes relevant details on the transfer of proprietorship, as well as detailed information about the handgun and identifying details about the vendor and purchaser. This form will need to be notarized and may be necessary when applying for a concealed weapon license.

General bill of sale

A West Virginia general bill of sale is a legal document used by private individuals or entities in the state to show the legal transaction of private items. The document asks for specific details about the properties to be sold. It also acts as evidence of proprietorship transfer and provides information about the vendor and purchaser. It is essential to notarize this document.

Vehicle or boat bill of sale

A West Virginia motor vehicle/vessel bill of sale (Form DMV-7-TR) is a legal paper that documents the change of proprietorship of an automobile, including trailers, or a vessel in West Virginia. The purchaser and vendor will be identified on this document, as well as the car being sold and the conditions of the sale. This document, which has to be notarized, is normally needed for the registration process in the state.

Forms for Automobile Documentation 

  • A request for a motor vehicle's certificate of title (Form DMV-1-TR)

  • A bill of sale

  • An odometer disclosure declaration is required for automobiles that are below ten years old.

  • Evidence of auto insurance that satisfies the state's requirements Minimum conditions set forth by the Insurance Commissioner

    • A motorist who has been physically wounded is entitled to twenty-five thousand US in compensation.

    • Fifty thousand US dollars for every physical injury per clash

    • Twenty-five thousand US dollars for the destruction of properties. 

  • A valid driver's license or state Identity card.

  • All mandatory costs and taxes have to be paid. 

  • If someone is registering on behalf of the owner then a motor vehicle power of attorney is needed.

  • Except the vehicle is relocated from a state having investigation reciprocality, evidence of inspection from the State's Police is required.

Forms for Vessel Documentation 

  • A bill of sale

  • Except the vessel is already titled in West Virginia, a completed Request for Certificate of Title of a Motorboat (Form MB-6) is required

  • If the vessel has been formerly owned, the current title signed over to the purchaser or, if the vessel has never been titled or comes from a region that does not title vessels, the prior holder's documentation statement is required.

  • A Hull Number Certification done by a state police agent is required for sales from states that do not title boats.

  • Remittance of all registration costs for Vessels with engines above three horsepower. The cost of registering a vessel varies based on its length and class.

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