Vermont Bill of Sale

Vermont bill of sale forms are legal papers that document the private item proprietorship change. Generally, bills of sale state or outline the persons involved, describe the items or property being traded, and state the conditions of the transaction. The document may be required to register the property acquired and may be relevant for tax purposes.

Vermont bill of sale

Vermont Bill of Sale

Vermont bill of sale form types

Boat bill of sale

A Vermont vessel bill of sale is a legal paper utilized in the state to document and validate the change of proprietorship of a vessel. This document will identify the purchaser and vendor, as well as detail the boat and the conditions of the proprietorship transfer. This form may be required for tax and documentation purposes.

General bill of sale

A Vermont general bill of sale is a legal paper that documents the transaction of private items. The purchaser, vendor, items, and transfer of proprietorship are all represented on the form. This paperwork will need to be notarized.

Gun bill of sale

A Vermont firearm bill of sale is a legal paper that contains details about the transaction of handguns in the state. The paperwork contains details about a gun's transfer of proprietorship, the purchaser and vendor, as well as identifiable details about the handgun itself. Authentication is not required for this form.

Vehicle bill of sale 

Vermont Vehicle Bill of Sale Form also called Form VT-005 documents the transaction of an automobile in the state. It serves as a record-keeping tool as well as a means of proving the legality of the transaction to third parties, such as the state. This document will include details of the vendor and purchaser, as well as a description of the automobile that is being sold and details regarding the sale's situation.

Automobile Documentation Forms

  • An application for registration, taxation, and title(Form TA-VD-119) that has been completed 

  • A title that has been signed over to the purchaser if the car being exchanged is second-hand.

  • A Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin is required if the automobile is brand new (MCO)

  • A copy of the title is required if the automobile is coming from a different state.

  • Validation of the VIN is required for second-hand automobiles

  • A Bill of Sale and a Statement of Odometer Disclosure

  • Auto insurance evidence that meets the state's minimum prerequisites

    • Twenty-five thousand US dollars for a physical injury or casualty in an accident

    • Fifty thousand US dollars to cover up the cost for all crash

    • Ten thousand US dollars for the destruction of properties in a single accident.

  • State ID card or driver's license

  • If requested via mail, a J.D. Power vehicle price estimate is required.

  • A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required if the automobile is being sponsored. 

  • Remittance of the required cost 

Forms for Vessel Documentation

  • A finalized request for motorboat registration and title (Form TA-VD-37)

  • A Bill of Sale 

  • A Manufacturer's Certificate  of Origin (MCO) is required if the vessel is brand new 

  • If the boat is bought secondhand, the Certificate of Title must be signed over to the owner, and 

  • all registration costs must be paid according to the fee schedule

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