Utah Bill of Sale

Utah bill of sale forms are legal documents that reflect a lawful change of private item ownership. The identification of the purchaser and vendor, a description of the properties or goods being traded, and the conditions of the sale are often included in bills of sale. Some specific registration processes may need the use of a bill of sale.

Utah Bill of Sale

Utah Bill of Sale Form Types

Boat bill of sale

A Utah boat bill of sale is a document that certifies that a watercraft was lawfully sold in Utah. This document will contain details about the purchaser and vendor, as well as a description of the vessel and the conditions of the proprietorship change. A bill of sale can be used to prove proprietorship and is beneficial for tax reasons when combined with other documents.

General bill of sale

A Utah general bill of sale is a legal paper that documents and certifies the transaction of private items between two people. The purchaser, the vendor, the transfer of proprietorship, and the item itself are all listed on the document. This paperwork must be notarized.

Firearm bill of sale

A Utah gun bill of sale is a document that serves as legal verification of a handgun's transaction in Utah. It contains crucial details about the transfer of proprietorship, as well as identifiable details about the sold weapon and details about the vendor and purchaser.

Motor vehicle bill of sale

A Utah motor vehicle bill of sale, also called Form TC-843, is a legal document that certifies that an automobile was sold lawfully in Utah. This is a vital document in the process of changing proprietorship, but there is still more work to be done, such as putting autographs on the title and documenting the car.

Forms for Automobile Documentation

  • A Request for Title in Utah

  • The car's prototype title was signed over to the purchaser.

  • A Bill of Sale 

  • An acceptable driver's permit or other forms of identification issued by the state

  • Inhabitants of Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Cache, and Utah counties are eligible. 

  • Evidence of an emissions check

  • A document of inspection is required if the automobile is new to Utah.

  • Evidence of liability insurance that satisfies the state's minimum prerequisites

    • Twenty-five thousand US dollars for each accident injury or demise of a person

    • Sixty-five thousand US dollars if there are two or more physical injuries or demise caused by an accident.

    • Fifteen thousand US dollars for the destruction of property due to an accident

  • A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required if the automobile is leased.

  • Documentation costs. 

Forms for Vessel Documentation

  • A finalized Utah Vessel Title Request (Form TC-656V)

  • Evidence of remittance of the age-related uniform costs and the documentation cost, like a tax document obtained from the county where the purchaser lives. The registration cost for a specific car is calculated using the formula outlined below, however, it is far easier to find out by phoning the Department of Motor Vehicle at (800) DMV-UTAH

  • The Sale document (bill of sale)

  • Except the car was acquired as brand new from a dealership in Utah, a Document Of Inspection is required (Form TC-661).

  • If the vessel was bought from a prior Utah holder, the title must be transferred to the purchaser, or a Request for Utah Supplementary Title must be filed if the preceding title is not available (Form TC-123).

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