Tennessee Bill of Sale

Tennessee bills of sale forms are legal documents that prove the proprietorship of private items has been lawfully changed. The paperwork names the purchaser and vendor details the properties or things being traded and records the sale's conditions. Notarization will be required for some bill of sale forms.

Tennessee bill of sale template

Tennessee Bill of Sale

Tennessee bill of sale Form Types

Boat bill of sale

A Tennessee boat bill of sale is a document that serves as a record of a vessel's change of proprietorship in the state. The bill of sale will include the vendor's and purchaser's details, as well as a description of the boat and the conditions of the change of proprietorship and identification of the vessel. This form is essential for boat registration and can also be beneficial for tax considerations.

General bill of sale

A Tennessee general bill of sale is a legal paper that is used to prove the transaction of private items between two private individuals or entities. The document contains identifying information regarding the item or property being traded, as well as details about the purchaser and vendor. It also acts as evidence that the holder of the property has changed. Notarization is required for this form.

Firearm bill of sale 

A Tennessee weapon bill of sale is a legal paper that formalizes the lawful transaction of a handgun in the state. The form includes details about the handgun being traded, as well as facts about the proprietorship transfer. The form has to be notarized to be considered valid.

Motor Vehicle bill of sale

A Tennessee motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal paper that certifies that an automobile was traded lawfully in Tennessee. The form will ask for details about the vendor and the purchaser, as well as vehicle identification details and the circumstances surrounding the transfer of proprietorship. If the transaction is between private individuals or parties, the bill should be autographed after the purchaser has taken ownership of the vehicle and the vendor has been paid.

Forms for Automobile Documentation

  • A purchaser's title has been signed over.

    • The manufacturer's statement of origin is required for brand new automobiles.

  • a bill of sale

  • Disclosure Statement for Odometers (Form RV-F1317001)

  • A certificate of emissions inspection from the Division of Environment and Conservation is necessary if the purchaser lives in a county where it is mandatory.

  • A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required if the car is leased.

  • A Certificate of proprietorship is required for automobiles older than thirty years and worth below three thousand US dollars.

  • Evidence of insurance that meets the state's minimum demands:

    • A twenty-five thousand US dollars for each accident wound or demise.

    • Fifty thousand US dollars for total injuries or fatalities in a single accident.

    • In the event of an accident, fifteen thousand US dollars is given for belongings destruction. 

  • A copy of the existing registration is required when changing an existing license plate to a car for a car that is newly acquired.

  • Make sure you have enough money to pay all of the mandated documentation costs. 

Forms for Vessel Documentation 

  • A request for a vessel number document. This form is not virtually available, however, it can be gotten from a county clerk's office or a dealership in the state where the vessel was purchased.

  • a bill of sale

  • Evidence of former documentation if the bought was acquired from a holder who has formerly registered it in a different state. (An autographed title form may be helpful for this criterion, however, vessels in Tennessee aren't titled.)

  • Evidence of registration cost remittance. According to this price schedule, the fee will be determined by the documentation time and the dimensions of the vessel.

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