South Dakota Bill of Sale

The valid transfer of proprietorship of private items in South Dakota is documented using a bill of sale form. The vendor and purchaser's details, as well as key facts regarding the items and the conditions of the transactions, are all included in the bill of sale. These forms are of value for tax reasons and supply vital sales records.

South Dakota vehicle bill of sale

South Dakota Bill of Sale

General bill of sale 

A South Dakota general bill of sale is a legal document used between two private individuals or entities to prove the transaction of private items. The document contains proof of the transfer of proprietorship, as well as identifiable details regarding the item and key details about the purchaser and vendor. This paperwork must be notarized.

Gun bill of sale

A South Dakota firearm bill of sale is a legal paper that proves a legitimate gun transaction took place between a purchaser and a vendor in the state. The document will show evidence of a transfer of proprietorship and also the handguns, vendors, and purchasers' identification details. This paper will need to be notarized.

Motor Vehicle/vessel bill of sale

A South Dakota motor vehicle or vessel bill of sale is a legal document that certifies the transaction of an automobile or boat in the state of South Dakota. This document contains details regarding the purchaser, vendor, automobile, or boat that is required for state documentation.

Forms for Automobile Documentation

  • Bill of Sale; 

  • Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form DMV-611); 

  • Vehicle/Vessel Title & Registration Request;

  • Document of Title (send a Supplementary Title Application Form 1002 along with $10.00 to a local county treasurer's office for a substitute).

  • An acceptable driver's license; 

  • if the car owner designates another person to document the automobile on his/her behalf, the state's Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is needed;

  • Documentation costs, as well as

  • Evidence of insurance that meets the minimum demands outlined below:

    • Physical wound liability (unstated bill);

    • Destruction of belongings liability (unstated bill); and

    • Uninsured and underinsured motorist indemnification (unstated bill)

Forms for vessel Registration

  • Motor Vehicle/Boat Title & Registration Application;

  • Bill of Sale;

  • Document of Title; as well as

  • Documentation costs.

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