Oregon Firearm Bill of Sale

An Oregon firearm bill of sale is used to show the lawful transaction of a weapon in the state. This document contains details about the vendor, the purchaser, and the weapon at the heart of the transaction. Because it can serve as documentation of a legitimate transfer of proprietorship, this form will need to be notarized.

Oregon firearm bill of sale

Oregon Firearm Bill of Sale

Selling a Weapon in Private

Any individual who can lawfully possess a weapon can also trade one privately, but according to ORS 166.435(2), the vendor and purchaser have to use a federally-authorized handgun merchant to carry out a background investigation on the purchaser before the completion of the transfer of proprietorship.

Banned from purchasing

Any individual is barred from owning or buying a weapon under ORS 166.250(1)(c) if that individual:

  • Is below the age of eighteen

  • Was found to be within the dominion of the adolescent court while a minor for having perpetrated an act that, if perpetrated by an older person, would be a crime or an offense which involves brutality, as described in ORS 166.470; and 

    • Was discharged from the dominion of the adolescent court within four years before being indicted under this division;

  • Has been indicted with a crime;

  • Was confined to the Oregon Health Authority under ORS 426.130; 

  • Was determined to be an individual with psychological disease and, because of such psychological illness, was barred from acquiring or owning a weapon under ORS 426.130;

  • Has been found culpable of a felony unless for insanity under ORS 161.295; or 

  • Is currently subject to an order under ORS 426.133 barring the individual from acquiring or owning a weapon;

  • ORS 166.255 makes it illegal for the individual to have a handgun in his or her possession.

Weapon Registration

There are no orders in Oregon that require gun owners to register their handguns with the state.

Hidden (Concealed) Carry

In Oregon, anyone who wants to have a concealed firearm has to first get a Concealed Weapon Permit from their local sheriff's department.

How to Request for a Concealed handgun permit

To apply for a concealed handgun license, you have to be no less than twenty-one years old.

Step 1: Visit the applicant's local sheriff's department and fill out a request for a Concealed Gun Permit.

Step 2: Fill out the application and include evidence of:

  • Competency with a weapon as mandated by ORS 166.291(1)(f), as well as 

  • Occupancy in the county in which the applicant is requesting a permit, and 

  • United States nationality or permanent occupancy.

Step 3: Present the application to the sheriff's office in your area.

Step 4 – visit the local sheriff's division and submit a set of dactylograms and passport photographs. 

Step 5: Pass the background scrutiny mandated by the federal government.

Step 6 – Within 45 days after receiving the application, the sheriff's office will either accept or reject it.


There are no laws in Oregon that recognize concealed carry permits from different states. On a case-by-case ground, county sheriff's offices might decide to overlook the occupancy demands for an Oregon Concealed Handgun Permit

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